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VP Biden’s daughter on film with cocaine. ABC, CBS, and NBC offer no coverage. When “Biden” and “Cocaine” are searched on the NBC site it gives you a picture of Bristol Palin….

Posted by iusbvision on March 31, 2009

For those of you on the far left, including some journalism professors at IU, who say “what leftist media bias” here is another one that there is no way that you can dismiss, just like the story about how Obama’s chief of staff got $320,000 from Freddie Mac and ABC, CBS and NBC thought you didn’t need to know and offered no coverage at all – LINK.

Everyone knows how the media went insane reporting UNTRUE and hurtful rumors that Sarah Palin’s son Trig, was not hers and was birthed in secret by the governor’s daughter Bristol. Then when Bristol Palin did get pregnant with her long time boyfriend Levi Johnson the elite media went insane on reporting every available and in some cases invented details about Bristol Palin’s web site. Of course reporting about Michelle Obama’s radical comments and activist past ceased when Obama said to lay off the families; of course that only counts for Democrats as the elite media continued to savage Bristol Palin in an obvious attempt to cause so much pain in her family to push Governor Palin to step down. The NY Times even published four page one stories on Bristol Palin’s sex life on the same day.

In January the Anchorage Daily News, who is often unfair to Governor Palin, was still “investigating” weather Trig was “really Bristol’s baby” – LINK.

Let us also not forget that NBC suspended an anchor for making a crack about Chelsea Clinton.

While all this was happening there was almost no elite media coverage of the legal and ethical problems of Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who is accused in two lawsuits of hedge funds fraud. We reported it way back on September 2nd (LINK) and Fox News covered the story in February (LINK).

The double standard is obvious and in our view deliberate. Now the NY Post is reporting that there is a film showing Ashley Biden doing cocaine. They are also reporting that Ashley Biden has a record of being a “party girl” and was arrested for marijuana in 1999. Funny how we are just finding out about that arrest now instead of during the campaign.

Radar Online first reported the story on March 28:

An explosive video being shopped to media outlets has plunged the White House and Vice President Joe Biden into a cocaine scandal, has learned exclusively.

The video shows a woman, who is represented by the seller and his attorneys to be Biden’s daughter Ashley, snorting several lines of cocaine.

The tape has been viewed by a freelance reporter who confirms the woman looks identical to Ashley Biden.

Tom Dunlap, an attorney for Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver in Washington D.C. is representing the seller of the tape in brokering a deal and several news organizations have seen the footage.

In addition to, representatives for the New York Post, a large British newspaper and the National Enquirer have all viewed the tape.

The woman on the tape clearly resembles Ashley Biden, 27, who is a social worker employed with the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and Families. She is also a board member of the Delaware YWCA organization.

The tape was shot this year.

Radar Online updated the story saying that the tape was made by one of the people supplying her with the cocaine – LINK.  

NY Post:

A “friend” of Vice President Joseph Biden’s daughter, Ashley, is attempting to hawk a videotape that he claims shows her snorting cocaine at a house party this month in Delaware.

The anonymous male acquaintance of Ashley took the video, said Thomas Dunlap, a lawyer representing the seller.

…The lawyers declined to name the person who shot the video, but said he knew Ashley well and had attended other parties with her at which there were illegal drugs.

The New York Post updated the story (LINK) reporting:

A decade before a friend came forward trying to sell a video that he claimed showed her snorting cocaine, Vice President Joseph Biden’s daughter was busted for pot possession.

ashley_bidenAshley Biden “was a hot freshman that every guy wanted to be with,” said Nat Berman, a Tulane University classmate, who said he bailed Ashley out of jail after her 1999 marijuana arrest in New Orleans, for which no conviction was recorded.

“She was very attractive.

“Everybody at Tulane knew that she was a party girl,” Berman said. “She wore some pretty short shorts — a lot.”

Berman, 30, wrote on his blog,, after Joseph Biden’s election as vice president last November about Ashley’s partying.

Berman told The Post that Ashley — currently a social worker at a Delaware child-welfare agency — called him in September 1999 to say she was “on her way over” to his off-campus home “to hang out.”

An hour or so later, after she didn’t show up, Berman said he received a call from Ashley, who “said she was in jail.”

“She was freaking out. She was like, ‘I’m in this cell,’ ” Berman recalled. “She was not happy.”

Berman said he paid a bail bondsman “between $200 and $400” to bail Ashley out, and then drove her home.


Well well well elite media… what a story that the elite media decided that you didn’t need to know and still thinks that you don’t need to know because after this story being out for three days, ABC, CBS, and NBC have no coverage of this story. The links go to screen shots of searches of their news sites, but it gets better, when you search for this story on NBC news’ web site it brings up a picture of Bristol Palin.

For the record, we take no pleasure in the outing of Ashley Biden’s issues. She is a children’s social worker and is doing cocaine, so this woman needs help and she needs it now and until she gets over this problem and acts more responsible, around children is exactly where Ashley Biden does not belong. The elite media’s gross double standard and hateful actions against Governor Palin’s family forces us to report this story.

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Another Obama nominee with tax problems…

Posted by iusbvision on March 31, 2009

Here we go again. Obama’s new nominee for Health & Human Services director is paying over $7,000 in back taxes that were owed. She is former governor Kathleen Sebelius. Of course, when your a Democrat you don’t have to pay all of the penalties, just as Tim Geithner.

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Government report shows where the machine guns the Mexican drug cartels use are coming from (and it’s not the USA) – UPDATE: Fox News reports 83% of drug cartel guns could not be traced to U.S.

Posted by iusbvision on March 31, 2009

UPDATE – FNC investigated this story and using ATF Firearm traces discovered that 83% of siezed guns could not be traced to American gun stores. – LINK 

OUR TAKE – We told ya HERE when the story first appeared that it was BS.

*******Original Story*******

CNN on Lou Dobbs at 7pm has told the truth about this issue, but CNN at other times shows you pictures of machine guns and tells you that they are being bought at gun shows and gun stores across the USA.

It’s a lie, machine guns are not sold by gun stores and gun shows and haven’t been for decades. The only way to purchase one is from a Class 3 firearms dealer and there are very few of those and each transaction is strictly regulated by the ATF.

We previously covered this story HERE. But some great work by the JustMyTruth blog has discovered a government report that tells us exactly where the machine guns are coming from.

Here is the report –

In short the report makes it clear that arms are coming from Colombian Communist Rebels known as FARC. FARC is funded by Hugo Chavez. Hmmm no wonder the left wants to blame American gun owners and not the guy that the far left so often defends. Here is an excerpt:


Mexico’s drug trafficking and alien smuggling networks have expanded their criminal activities aimed at the United States by capitalizing on the explosive growth of transborder commerce under NAFTA and the attendant growth in human and merchandise traffic between Mexico and the United States. The growth in trans-border commerce, as manifested in soaring levels of overland passenger and commercial vehicle traffic, has provided an ever-expanding “haystack” in which the “needles” of illicit narcotics and illegal aliens can be more easily concealed.

During the late 1990s, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) clandestine arms smuggling and drug trafficking established a partnership with the Tijuana-based Arellano Felix Organization (AFO).

Statements by high-ranking Mexican officials prior to and following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks indicate that one or more Islamic extremist organizations has sought to establish a presence in Mexico.

The report  goes into much more detail about arms smuggling to the Mexican drug cartels by FARC.

Here is CNN on Lou Dobbs getting it right:

And here is NRA VP Wayne LaPierre blasting CNN for running these faked stories which CNN is still running:

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Andrew Klavan: Take the Limbaugh Challenge!

Posted by iusbvision on March 31, 2009

LA Times Blog:

If you are reading this newspaper, the likelihood is that you agree with the Obama administration’s recent attacks on conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh. That’s the likelihood; here’s the certainty: You’ve never listened to Rush Limbaugh.

Oh no, you haven’t. Whenever I interrupt a liberal’s anti-Limbaugh rant to point out that the ranter has never actually listened to the man, he always says the same thing: “I’ve heard him!”

On further questioning, it always turns out that by “heard him,” he means he’s heard the selected excerpts spoon-fed him by the distortion-mongers of the mainstream media. These excerpts are specifically designed to accomplish one thing: to make sure you never actually listen to Limbaugh’s show, never actually give him a fair chance to speak his piece to you directly.

By lifting some typically Rushian piece of outrageous hilarity completely out of context, the distortion gang knows full well it can get you to widen your eyes and open your mouth in the universal sign of Liberal Outrage. Your scrawny chest swelling with a warm sense of completely unearned righteousness, you will turn to your second spouse and say, “I’m not a liberal, I’m a moderate, and I’m tolerant of a wide range of differing views — but this goes too far!”

There is more untruthfulness in that statement than in a speech by President Obama. Even the commas are self-deceiving. You’re not a moderate or you wouldn’t be reading this newspaper. You’re not tolerant of a wide range of views; you are tolerant of a narrow spectrum of variations on your views. And, whatever you claim, you still haven’t listened to Rush Limbaugh.

Which leads to a question: Why not? I mean, come on, the guy’s one of the figures of the age. Aren’t you even curious? I listen to all your guys: NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The Times, the New York Times, the New Yorker — I check out the whole left-wing hallelujah chorus. Why are you afraid to spend a couple of hours listening to Limbaugh’s show and seriously considering if and why you disagree with him?

Let me guess at your answer. You don’t need to listen to him. You’ve heard enough to know he’s a) racist, b) hateful, c) stupid, d) merely an outrageous entertainer not to be taken seriously or e) all of the above.

Now let me tell you the real answer: You’re a lowdown, yellow-bellied, lily-livered intellectual coward. You’re terrified of finding out he makes more sense than you do.

I listen to Limbaugh every chance I get, and I have never heard the man utter a single racist, hateful or stupid word. Do I always agree with him? Of course not. I’m a conservative; I think for myself. But Limbaugh, by turns insightful, satiric, raucously funny and wise, is one of the best voices talking about first principles and policy in the country today.

Therefore, I am throwing down my gauntlet at your quivering liberal feet. I hereby issue my challenge — the Limbaugh Challenge: Listen to the show. Not for five minutes but for several hours: an hour a day for several days. Consider what he has to say — the real policy material under the jokes and teasing bluster. Do what your intellectual keepers do not want you to do and keep an open mind. Ask yourself: What’s he getting at? Why does he say the things he says? Why do so many people of goodwill — like that nice Mr. Klavan — agree with him?

The mainstream media (a.k.a. the Matrix) don’t want you to listen to Limbaugh because they’re afraid he’ll wake you up and set you free of their worldview. You don’t want to listen to him because you’re afraid of the same thing.

Don’t believe me? Well, then, gird your loins. Gather your courage. Accept the Limbaugh Challenge. See what happens.

I dare you.

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Dr. Adams on how to cure your kid of STD (Socialist Teaching Disorder)

Posted by iusbvision on March 31, 2009

As a matter of policy, we rarely reprint an entire article and try to stick to excerpts, but in this case the educational value of this article is so high and so valuable to students and parents that we are bringing it to you. Be sure to visit Dr. Adams page – LINK.

Dr. Mike Adams
Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Steve:

Thanks for writing me with your concerns about your daughter’s recent visit home from college. I don’t have a daughter but I can understand the concern you have after seeing such dramatic changes in her after just six months at a public university. After all, you didn’t save money for eighteen long years in order to pay someone to teach her to despise the values you taught for, well, eighteen long years.

First of all, I want you to understand that many of the crazy ideas you hear your daughter espousing are commonplace on college campuses. Nonetheless, it must have been shocking for you to hear that she supported Barack Obama in the last election principally because of his ideas about “the redistribution of wealth.” I know you were also disappointed to hear of her sudden opposition to the War on Terror and her sudden embrace of the United Nations. Most of all, I know you are disappointed that she has stopped going to church altogether.

Now that your daughter is not going to church it will be easier to get her to accept other policies based on economic and cultural Marxism. Socialist professors like the fact that average church attendance drops dramatically after just one year of college. God and socialism are simply incompatible. One cannot worship both Jesus Christ and Karl Marx.

But there is good news, Steve. I think I can implement a program that will cure your daughter’s Socialist Teaching Disorder (STD) in just a few short days. In case you were wondering, I define STD as the sudden infatuation with socialism brought on by exposure to pro-socialist ideas without a corresponding exposure to anti-socialist ideas. Although not recognized by the APA, this emotional disorder is running rampant at American universities.

The solution to your daughter’s STD is to be found in your decision to award her a sum of $4000 if she returns from her freshman year with a 3.5 GPA or above. Previously, you explained to me that you decided to do this for two reasons: 1) Your daughter had earned a $4000 scholarship, which meant you had the extra money, and 2) Your only son had gone to college five years ago and flunked out after one year.

Now that your daughter has maintained a 3.6 GPA (so far) you are happy. But you are unhappy that you are about to reward her newfound love of socialism when you had only intended to reward her studiousness. I have a solution that involves three steps. If you follow these steps (in order) we’ll have this little problem cured in no time:

1. When your daughter returns from college in early May (presumably with a GPA over 3.5) I want you to tell her that you lied. Put simply, when she asks about her $4000 just tell her that you never really had any intention of delivering on your promises.

This revelation will, no doubt, cause significant consternation and outrage. But when she protests, simply point out that her choice for president, Barack Obama, also lied to her. Note that his lies about earmarks and line-by-line analysis of the budget will probably end up costing her more than $4000. She might say, “But you’re my father.” If she does, respond by saying “But I’m not your president.” If things get too uncomfortable, just tell her the $4000 promise was technically “last year’s business.”

2. When your daughter has cooled down somewhat from the realization that her father is a confessed liar I want you to strike again. Since your son, now 23, still lives at home it will be possible for you to implement step two in the presence of both children. This step will involve simply taking out your wallet and writing a $2000 check to your son.

This action will, no doubt, cause even more consternation and outrage for your daughter. She may well point out that her brother is unemployed. She may also point out that he has been in rehab twice and that he once punched you in the face while under the influence of drugs. But, when she protests, simply say that it was Barack Obama who taught you to reward failure.

She may well say “But that’s half of the money I was supposed to get.” If so, point out that it is Barack Obama who would like to take other people’s money – at least half, if not more – and use much of it to reward bad behavior. By this time, she will probably hate socialism and the lesson will have saved you a lot of money.

But, just in case the point is not yet made, there is a third step to my plan. And this is where I get actively involved.

3. I’m going to take your daughter and the remaining $2000 – in the form of one hundred $20 bills – to the “hood.” Specifically, I am going to take her to places where crack cocaine is sold here in Wilmington in the middle of the afternoon. This will include grocery stores and actual crack houses. Don’t worry about your daughter’s safety as I will be armed with a .357 magnum loaded with 145-grain silver tipped hollow point bullets. When I approach a crack head I will first ask whether he paid income taxes last year. If he says “no” I will hand him $20.

If your daughter asks me why I give money to people who don’t pay taxes I’ll remind her that this is what President Obama does. Then I’ll ask her if she still believes in “spreading the wealth” without regard to individual merit.

By the end of the afternoon, I can guarantee your daughter will be cured of her STD. Sorry if I sound overly optimistic, Steve. I got my optimism from the same place I got my love of capitalism. I learned it from Ronald Reagan, not Barack Obama.

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Daniel Hannan on France and Germany warning the US that we are spending too much

Posted by iusbvision on March 31, 2009

Why do people blindly follow governments which are intent on bankrupting them?

To some extent it is because in a crisis people want to give the benefit of the doubt to the guy who looksas though he has the answers. Frenzied activity can create the illusion that you know what you are doing. That certainly that happened in Britain and that was the background for the bail-out and stimulus package. Unfortunately it takes a momentum of its own because the bail-outs and stimulus don’t work and the government’s response is not to say “we were wrong” because they cant then turn around and tell the taxpayers that it was all a waste so they have to carry on. They make it worse. There is a dreadful, grisly logic to the thing where bail-outs beget bail-outs, ‘So we spent a bunch of money, so that didn’t work so lets spend another bunch of money; even more that will really work’. And once we find out that it didn’t work it’s too late.

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WASHINGTON TIMES: AIG chiefs pressed to donate to Dodd – UPDATE: AIG extorted employees to donate to Dodd!

Posted by iusbvision on March 30, 2009

We told you about the corruption and the the pay to play. Dodd was the #1 reviever of campaign money from these people and Obama is #2. We are being ripped off.

The Times:

As Democrats prepared to take control of Congress after the 2006 elections, a top boss at the insurance giant American International Group Inc. told colleagues that Sen. Christopher J. Dodd was seeking re-election donations and he implored company executives and their spouses to give.

Getty Images Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, has lost some political standing heading into re-election because of his ties to American International Group Inc.

The message in the Nov. 17, 2006, e-mail from Joseph Cassano, AIG Financial Products chief executive, was unmistakable: Mr. Dodd was “next in line” to be chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, which oversees the insurance industry, and he would “have the opportunity to set the committee’s agenda on issues critical to the financial services industry.

“Given his seniority in the Senate, he will also play a key role in the Democratic Majority’s leadership,” Mr. Cassano wrote in the message, obtained by The Washington Times.

Mr. Dodd’s campaign quickly hit pay dirt, collecting more than $160,000 from employees and their spouses at the AIG Financial Products division (AIG-FP) in Wilton, Conn., in the days before he took over as the committee chairman in January 2007. Months later, the senator transferred the donations to jump-start his 2008 presidential bid, which later failed.

Now, two years later, Mr. Dodd has emerged as a central figure in the government’s decision to let executives at the now-failing AIG collect more than $218 million in bonuses, according to the Connecticut attorney general – even as the company was receiving billions of dollars in assistance from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). He acknowledged that he slipped a provision into legislation in February that authorized the bonuses, but said the Treasury Department asked him to do it.

UPDATE – Ainsley Aerhart goes over the numerous Chris Dodd scandals –

Fox & Friends on how AIG extorted it’s employees to give $160,000 to Sen. Dodd

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Heritage: Obama Breaks Transparency Promise Yet Again

Posted by iusbvision on March 30, 2009

 Heritage Foundation:

Obama Breaks Transparency Promise Again

Before President Barack Obama took office he promised to:

not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.

In just his first week in the White House, Obama broke this promise twice signing both Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and Medicare expansion bill without posting the bill for five day comment.

Today, Obama will break his promise to the American people yet again, this time by signing the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. There is no way that anyone of these three bills could possibly be considered an emergency. All three are clear broken promises by the Obama Administration.

Worse, the Omnibus Land Bill could definitely use some more scrutiny. Especially the provision that would criminalize casual collecting of paleontological resources on federal land.

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Bill Maher To Troops: ‘At Some Point These People Are Gonna Have To Learn To Rape Themselves.’

Posted by iusbvision on March 30, 2009

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It’s Gone Too Far! Obama ‘Fires’ CEO of GM.

Posted by iusbvision on March 30, 2009

This power grap has gone too far. Does anyone dare to tell me this is not socialism now???


The Obama administration asked Rick Wagoner, the chairman and CEO of General Motors, to step down and he agreed, a White House official said.

On Monday, President Barack Obama is to unveil his plans for the auto industry, including a response to a request for additional funds by GM and Chrysler. The plan is based on recommendations from the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry, headed by the Treasury Department.

The White House confirmed Wagoner was leaving at the government’s behest after The Associated Press reported his immediate departure, without giving a reason.

UPDATE: Neil Cavuto comments –

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Country music legend Steve Vaus rewrites the hit song “We Must Take America Back” for the current crisis.

Posted by iusbvision on March 29, 2009


The original version of “We Must Take America Back” was made as a response to the decay of the inner city.

To get this song and other Steve Vaus product and information, go to his web site:

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Obama negotiating treaty in secret to allow searching of all computers and digital media without a search warrant.

Posted by iusbvision on March 29, 2009

Via Russia Today.

(Hat Tip Project World Awareness)

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About that Obama visit to Notre Dame… UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on March 29, 2009

People have been asking the editor of this weblog (me) what my thoughts on this controversy are.

While the decision to invite Obama to speak at Notre Dame did not show a great degree of wisdom, now that the invitation has been offered I oppose withdrawing it because it would smack of censorship. The answer to bad speech, lies or what you oppose on moral grounds is more speech, not less.

For those who are not aware Catholics have two big problems with President Obama.

The first is that Obama’s voting record shows him to be a militant pro-abortionist and by this I do not mean pro-choice. The vast majority of people who sympathize with the pro-choice point of view would find President Obama’s voting record on abortion to be nothing short of revolting. Obama voted to protect infanticide, that is to protect doctors who killed a baby if it was born alive after a botched abortion. I am not certain if it is possible to get any more extreme. Obama has taken positions that are so pro-abortion that Obama supported parts of legislation that the National Abortion Rights League found too nauseating to stomach. These are facts that cannot be honestly denied.

The second reason is also pretty straight forward. President Obama has broken more campaign promises in the shortest amount of time than any president I am aware of. It is most reasonable to say that Obama tricked the electorate to get into office and his rapidly dropping approval index demonstrates this simple fact.

This writer is very much opposed to universities when they break their own rules and as our friends at News Busters have pointed out; inviting Obama to Notre Dame to speak and giving him an honorary degree clearly conflicts with the policy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which provides:

The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.

It is clear that officials at Notre Dame have violated the rules and likely willfully so. With that said, while I oppose uninviting the President, I oppose honoring him with an honorary degree. Catholic officials should punish those administrators at Notre Dame for violating the rules in what ever manner they deem appropriate. Does anyone believe that violating clearly established rules should not go unpunished, especially at a Catholic university that holds personal responsibility in high regard?

There are many Catholic students who no doubt feel that their special graduation moment has been ruined. In my view the gross insensitivity displayed toward these students by the Notre Dame administration is offensive and unwarranted. This is not about Obama so much as it is about the administration and that is where the focus should be.

Chuck Norton


UPDATE – Of course, leftist professors at Notre Dame are trying to justify the decision to give Obama an honorary degree in violation of well established rules. Our friend RW Sparklewho blogs at the Houston Chronicle showed just how vacuous these faculty members are: 

The academia of Notre Dame are sending out e-mails on how to handle the outraged Catholics that are protesting Pres. Obama speaking at their commencement this year.

I was struck by this sentence in the e-mail:

“Rather, the invitation recognizes the president for his historic election, for his concern for the poor, for his efforts to improve educational standards, his respect for the role of faith and religious institutions, and for his commitment to ending war. These issues are dear to the heart of Notre Dame and all Catholics.”

Let’s take these one by one. Concern for the poor? Records show that Obama gave less than 1% of his income from 2001-2006 to the poor. Real concern there. Improving educational standards? Is that why he is abandoning school choice for Washington D.C. kids? His respect of the role of faith? Rev. Wright. Need I say more? But I will say more. When he reduces tax deductions for charitable contributions, who will suffer the most? The Churches that help the poor of course. His commitment to ending the war? He has announced he will not speed up the process of bringing troops home from Iraq, saying the work isn’t done. He is sending 17,000 troops to Afghanistan next month.

Yeah, I can see how these issues override his pro-abortion stances.


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‘Rhonda’ on Obama’s Mandatory Volunteerism

Posted by iusbvision on March 29, 2009

Special thanks to Pat Dollard for the video link! If you don’t know Pat, he made a famous documentary on the Iraq War which is a must see. Film making and blogging to come together very well and Pat Dollard is a pioneer in combining old media with new. Pat’s web site was one of the first to make our blogroll on the right hand side of the page.  

Be sure to watch ‘Rhonda’ in action. She is smart, on point, totally adorable, has a first rate singing voice and has an important message everyone should see.

For more on Obama’s “mandatory volunteerism” program. Our friends at Fact-real have the legislative details.

The constitution forbids involuntary servitude outside of military service.

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Video: Brown Skewered Again at EU!

Posted by iusbvision on March 28, 2009


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Glenn Beck working on a project to debunk internet conspiracy theories.

Posted by iusbvision on March 28, 2009

Allahpundit at was nice enough to post this video in his youtube channel. One conspiracy theory Beck talked about being in the process of debunking is the “FEMA Concentration Camps” theory. I have heard that one before and post people who follow politics have.

What is ironic is that Bill Maher lambasted Glenn Beck for believing in these theories and spreading them when the truth is that he has said for months that he is working on a project to debunk them. The left lies, surprise.

This is a video of Glenn talking about the project to debunk these theories:

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SEIU “Obama’s Union” fires its union employees and brings in temps to save money after giving Democrats $85 Million.

Posted by iusbvision on March 28, 2009

We reported that the SEIU fired it’s union employees to bring in scabs to save money and now we have the video.

The SEIU is the union that is the closest union ally of Obama. The SEIU have $85 Million to the Democrats and now wants to save money by doing this. The CWA claimed it did not have money for Striker pay after giving $22 Million to John Kerry and his friends for the 2004 election.

Thansk to Ed Morrissey at for the video link. 

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Daniel Hannan on how the GOP went wrong and how the GOP is embracing a more sensible economic policy.

Posted by iusbvision on March 28, 2009

In short, Hannan is telling the GOP that it violated it’s brand and violated it’s own principle. Hannan also acknowledges the media created cult of personality about Obama, which is a real statement on the power of the press considering that Obama is a man who used one office to start running for the next and never accomplished anything significant.

Hannan also points out that the bankers and financiers have used their money and power to control and corrupt both parties. I would say that while the banks have some of the GOP in their pocket, there is little doubt that the key congressional leadership in the Democratic Party is owned by Wall Street and the donations which are public record show this to be the case.

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Far left site posting death threats against Bill O’Reilly

Posted by iusbvision on March 28, 2009

Via Johnny Dollar who is nice enough to monitor these people so we don’t have to.



These are from the Newshounds web site. Newshouds is a favorite of the unhinged left. There is more hate and threats posted at that site than any other that I am aware of since HuffPo and DailyKos started cracking down on the worst of the hate they hosted. Some of those same people have come here and post their hate, but since they are incapable of generating a coherent argument they didn’t stay long, because we respond to it here.

Johnny points out that the poster above claims to be a therapist. Actually that would not surprise me one bit after seeing some of the far left social workers on campus.

The far left is all mad because Bill O’Reilly is helping out charities like the Alexa Foundation. The Alexa Foundation was started by a rape victim to aid other rape victims. The far left unhinged crowd went after Alexa and she had to quit her job and assume a much lower profile after the attacks they made on her. We covered that story in detail HERE. The attacks against Alexa were coordinated by people at NBC News and John Podesta, who has worked as a strategist for President Obama.

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Washington Post: Obama Town Hall Questioners Were Campaign Ringers

Posted by iusbvision on March 28, 2009

It was rigged…..what a surprise….

Actually it is no surprise. All of Hillary Clinton’s town hall events were rigged. She knew who to pick on and what questions they would ask and they were caught red handed.

CNN was so in the tank for for the Democrats that when they were picking questions from “undecided & unbiased voters” for the Democratic Presidential debate that they sponsored all of the “random” people they picked were known democratic operatives most of whome had actually appeared as talking heads or were known sources to the reporters that picked them “at random”. We covered that story in detail HERE.

Washington Post:

Obama has said, “I think it’s important to engage your critics … because not only will you occasionally change their mind but, more importantly, sometimes they will change your mind,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs recounted to The Post’s Lois Romano in an interview Wednesday.

But while the online question portion of the White House town hall was open to any member of the public with an Internet connection, the five fully identified questioners called on randomly by the president in the East Room were anything but a diverse lot. They included: a member of the pro-Obama Service Employees International Union, a member of the Democratic National Committee who campaigned for Obama among Hispanics during the primary; a former Democratic candidate for Virginia state delegate who endorsed Obama last fall in an op-ed in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star; and a Virginia businessman who was a donor to Obama’s campaign in 2008.

1. Sergio Salmeron: Self-description at the White House: “My name is Sergio Salmeron. I want to find out about health care.”

Salmeron became engaged with the Obama campaign early in 2008, writing on his blog at, “We need to mobilize towards changing the trend of ‘2 to 1 Latinos favoring Hillary over Barack.’ Let’s make a resolute commitment… Let’s put the facts on the table, ask the questions, until we understand how this all applies to us. Then strategize [sic] to get the word out to Latinos in America, who want change as much as everyone else.”

He was a volunteer canvasser for the campaign, he told The Post, and did voter registration work and translated materials for the campaign, as well. A partner at Global Paradigm Strategies, Salmeron is volunteer “member of the Democratic National Committee” and continues to be active with the Obama campaign’s successor, Organizing for America, which is how he got the White House invite, he said.

“I got a call from this woman who has been working with me for the pledge drive,” he said, referring to the Organizing for America drive on behalf of the president’s budget proposal. “You know, we’re trying to get support out for the president’s agenda.”

2. Tom Sawner: Self-description: “Sir, I’m Tom Sawner. I’m a service-disabled veteran, small-business owner in Arlington, Virginia. My company, Educational Options, works with public schools.”

According to Federal Election Commission records, Sawner made a $250 donation to Obama’s campaign on Oct. 27, 2008. He also, as he noted Thursday, served as an adviser on Obama’s educational platform committee. He said he was invited to the White House town hall through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Executive Council.

Sawner’s no stranger to the White House, either; he attended President Bush’s Feb. 2008 signing ceremony for that year’s economic stimulus package — another Chamber of Commerce invite. And in April 2008, he even became an anecdote in one of Bush’s speeches.

“And I met a guy named Tom Sawner,” the 43rd president said at a small business summit. “Now, he’s an old fighter pilot, which means there’s no wall he can [sic] run through. He’s a doer, an achiever, and he’s got him a small business called Educational Options.”

But the event with Obama, Sawner said, “was a whole different look and feel” than the one with Bush. “This is a president who is into openness.” And he didn’t know he was going to be able to ask a question until he got to the forum, he said.

3. Carlos Del Toro: Self-description: “My name is Carlos Del Toro. I served in the Navy for 26 years, retired four years ago, and started a small business.”

In 2007, Del Toro stood as a Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, but did not win. A supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic presidential primaries, he backed Obama against McCain in the general, endorsing him in an Oct. 24, 2008 op-ed in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star.

“As a Virginia small-business owner, veteran, and Latino, I’m voting for Sen. Barack Obama for the same reasons as millions of other Americans: because I believe this country desperately needs change. Obama will change our economic policies to help middle-class families, promote the growth of small businesses, and increase funding for veterans’ affairs, so no member of our armed services goes without the medical treatment he or she needs and deserves,” he wrote.

In 2008, he donated $2,750 to Virginia Democratic candidates for office, according to the Center for Responsive Politics; in 2006, he gave $1000 to the campaign of now Sen. Jim Webb (Va.), FEC records show.

He also has ties to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Council.

4. Linda Bock: “My name is Linda Bock and I’m a registered nurse just in Prince George’s County, Maryland — been there 34 years at a free senior health center. And I’m here with my fellow nurses from SEIU.”

Bock, along with her chapter of the SEIU and her son and daughter, helped campaign and canvass for Obama, she said. After Obama was elected, she wrote in the Landover, Md., 1199 SEIU nurses’ newsletter: “Now we have our work cut out for us -to hold our elected officials accountable. And I hope they hold us accountable too. We all have work to do to make the changes needed to restore our reputation, to heal the wounds of war, to repair our earth and regulate its resources; and, to secure our economic future. It will take sacrifice and service. It will take prayer and the grace of God. Now we have hope. We have President-elect Barack Obama. God bless America.”

Her invite to the White House came through the Nurse Alliance Leadership Council, she said. And like Sawner, she didn’t know until she got to the forum that it was open to the in real life participants. “I did not think we would be able to ask any questions,” she said. “I wasn’t personally anticipating being chosen to ask anything. We knew that the Web portion was people already lined up.”

5. Bonnee L. Breese: “Hi, Mr. President. Thank you so very much for having me, a public school teacher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here to be with you.
THE PRESIDENT: What’s your name?
Q Bonnee Breese.
THE PRESIDENT: Good to see you, Bonnee.
Q Thank you. I’m from Overbrook High School. I have to say that, because I know all the children are watching. (Laughter.)”

Breese has not donated a reportable amount to Obama, according to the FEC. She is a member of the 11,626-person Pennsylvania for Obama page on Facebook.

A supporter of the president’s — “Of course!” she said — Breese was invited to the meeting through the American Federation of Teachers union. She sits on the executive board of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Local 3, she said, and is known in her area for being politically engaged.

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Treasury unveils proposed legislation to seize companies. Morris: This is a plan to nationalize the banks.

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We covered this story previously in detail HERE  and Ed Morrissey at had commented on the story HERE. Now Geithner has wheeled out his proposed legislation to seize companies. Below is the link:

The potential for abuse in this plan is off the scale. Not to mention the constitutional problems with seizing that may come with it. This is corporatism pretty straight forward. Can anyone imagine government NOT abusing this power if they get it? After viewing this plan can anyone dare say that this is NOT socialism? All of you who made fun of John McCain for saying that Obama is a socialist should be swallowing their words now as this plan demonstrates it beyond reasonable doubt.

Former Clinton Advisor Dick Morris says Obama is trying to get control of the banks. “This is a well thought out plan for bank nationalization”.

Businesses will flee the country even faster if this is passed and we have already seen how policies like this undermine investor confidence and resulted in the crippling of economic growth in socialist Europe.

For more, we covered this story in greater detail HERE.

UPDATE: Judge Napolitano with Sheppard Smith. “They are trying to micromanage the economy…” 

Update II – Dick Morris explains how this plan will lead to the nationalization of the banks –

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GOP Conference Releases Booklet Outlining Recovery Plan

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That is the link. It goes to an 18 page booklet in PDF format. It is a brief outline of their recovery plan.

Our take: great work guys, now whay can’t you behave this way when you are the majority?

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Rep. Armey: Obama scares me with his inability to comprehend the world

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A great deal of academics live in a world of theory where reality does not often penetrate. This writer has often compared Obama’s thinking to that of a far left academic. His policies reflect politically motivated economic theories that stay in academia for a reason. Theories that are are not practiced by serious governments. It is nice to see that others are taking notice.

Representative Armey:

He thinks that he is going to health care less expensive by expanding federal management of health care? His objectives may be laudable but his appreciation in the world in which he lives is diminimous. He just doesn’t understand the world in which he is living and it is really frightening to me. For the first time I have a president who scares me with his inability to comprehend the world in which he lives.

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Government to dictate what color car you can buy. Ok is government too big yet?

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Rahm Emanuel recieved $320,000 from Freddie Mac before it went under. – ABC, CBS, NBC refuse to cover the story!

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Rahm Emanuel is President Obama’s Chief of Staff. Freddie Mac was one of the biggest players that caused the economic collapse. Should Rahm Emanuel pay back this money just as failed CEO’s have been asked to give back?

Only the Chicago Tribune and Fox featured this story prominently. A search of ABC, CBS and NBC‘s web site shows nothing on this story and those links go to the screen shots.

Chigaco Tribune:

Rahm Emanuel’s profitable stint at mortgage giant

Short Freddie Mac stay made him at least $320,000

By Bob Secter and Andrew Zajac | Tribune reporters

3:18 PM CDT, March 26, 2009

Before its portfolio of bad loans helped trigger the current housing crisis, mortgage giant Freddie Mac was the focus of a major accounting scandal that led to a management shake-up, huge fines and scalding condemnation of passive directors by a top federal regulator.

One of those allegedly asleep-at-the-switch board members was Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel-now chief of staff to President Barack Obama-who made at least $320,000 for a 14-month stint at Freddie Mac that required little effort.

As gatekeeper to Obama, Emanuel now plays a critical role in addressing the nation’s mortgage woes and fulfilling the administration’s pledge to impose responsibility on the financial world.

He was named to the Freddie Mac board in February 2000 by Clinton, whom Emanuel had served as White House political director and vocal defender during the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky scandals.


The board met no more than six times a year. Unlike most fellow directors, Emanuel was not assigned to any of the board’s working committees, according to company proxy statements. Immediately upon joining the board, Emanuel and other new directors qualified for $380,000 in stock and options plus a $20,000 annual fee, records indicate.
Many of those same risky investment practices tied to the accounting scandal eventually brought the firm to the brink of insolvency and led to its seizure last year by the Bush administration, which pledged to inject up to $100 billion in new capital to keep the firm afloat. The Obama administration has doubled that commitment.

On Emanuel’s watch, the board was told by executives of a plan to use accounting tricks to mislead shareholders about outsize profits the government-chartered firm was then reaping from risky investments. The goal was to push earnings onto the books in future years, ensuring that Freddie Mac would appear profitable on paper for years to come and helping maximize annual bonuses for company brass.

The accounting scandal wasn’t the only one that brewed during Emanuel’s tenure.

During his brief time on the board, the company hatched a plan to enhance its political muscle. That scheme, also reviewed by the board, led to a record $3.8 million fine from the Federal Election Commission for illegally using corporate resources to host fundraisers for politicians. Emanuel was the beneficiary of one of those parties after he left the board and ran in 2002 for a seat in Congress from the North Side of Chicago.

The board was throttled for its acquiescence to the accounting manipulation in a 2003 report by Armando Falcon Jr., head of a federal oversight agency for Freddie Mac. The scandal forced Freddie Mac to restate $5 billion in earnings and pay $585 million in fines and legal settlements. It also foreshadowed even harder times at the firm.

Freddie Mac reported recently that it lost $50 billion in 2008. It so far has tapped $14 billion of the government’s guarantee and said it soon will need an additional $30 billion to keep operating.

Like its larger government-chartered cousin Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac was created by Congress to promote home ownership, though both are private corporations with shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The two firms hold stakes in half the nation’s residential mortgages.

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Video: Tim Geithner doesn’t understand the concept of “innocent until proved guilty”

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I have been watching his testimony for a long while and has anyone noticed that he never really answers a question?

Your basic high school grad, as bad as public schools have become, could answer this question and the Treasury Secretary of the United States cannot.

UPDATE: Geithner not answering more questions. This is priceless.


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Officer holds pro-football player for over 20 minutes while his mother dies. – UPDATED!

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By now most people have seen this video. A Dallas police officer refused to allow a football player (Ryan Moats) into a hospital to be with his dying mother in law. The football player was with his wife at the time. The officer pulled him over for running a red light, the light was defective due to a power outage.

Officers need to know when someone has what is called a “defense of necessity”. This officer should have offered to escort the man inside and gotten the rest of the facts later. When an officer takes on the attitude that he is the people’s master instead of the people’s servant, common sense goes out the window in exactly the same way you saw with this officer.

Officer Powell still insists that he acted properly. He is too stupid to be a police officer. He should be fired and I wish that his victim could sue him for the distress he brought to this family. Officer Powell should have to pay restitution.

The police chief apologized on behalf of the Dallas Police Department:

While I cannot prove it, I suspect that the victim’s color had something to do with the officer’s attitude as  well. Powell was completely dismissive of anything his victim had to say, as if he was less than human. As far as I am concerned, as long as Officer Powell has a badge and a gun the streets of Dallas are not safe. That is not something that I say lightly. Any time you have a cop with a cloak of infallibility on the loose, he is a danger to himself and all around him. In fairness, with the cloak of infallibility attitude such an officer would escalate any situation in spite of the color of his victim. If you behave as if you are the people’s master race may have little to do with it.

UPDATE I – Powell at it again via the Sporting News:

Maritza Thomas, wife of former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Zach Thomas, was jailed for three hours after being pulled over for an illegal U-turn by Robert Powell, the same police officer who detained Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats while his mother-in-law was dying, according to a report on the Dallas Morning News’ website.

Maritza Thomas, who is Latina, was arrested last July while her husband was at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Calif. Four of the five tickets Powell issued to her were later dismissed, according to the newspaper.

Here is another link to the story claiming harassment by Officer Powell – LINK.

UPDATE II – After declaring himself to have done no wrong, Powell apologizes. –

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A letter from the editor.

Posted by iusbvision on March 27, 2009

I would like to thank the loyal readers of the IUSB Vision for our continued success. Hits are up, our posts are featured on other blogs regularly, we have discovered that former presidential candidates, members of Congress, people who have worked in the Dept. of Education, even some governors read our humble little blog.

Special thanks to to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Students for Academic Freedom, the Indiana ACLU, the Alliance Defense Fund, National Review Magazine and California Legislator Leland Yee for their outstanding leadership in the defense of true intellectual diversity and free speech on campus. Of course, the cause of intellectual diversity and free speech may have been lost without the efforts of a true American hero David Horowitz.

Special thanks are also in order to Michelle Malkin, Ed Morrissey, Andrew Brietbart, Matt Drudge, Johnny Dollar, and yes even the Huffington Post for their leadership in the blogosphere.

Some have been asking us why we have not had much academic and campus news lately. Rest assured that we have not forgotten our campus roots. The news on the economy, the undermining of the ethics processes in the government, the setbacks in the transparency of government, the what are now obvious attempts by government to use this crisis take control over private business and legal contracts, and the lack of any serious action on the mortgage/housing issue have really been “sucking all the oxygen out of the air” and we have feared that campus coverage would be ignored in the fast paced, non stop news cycle in the last six weeks. 

We are sorry to report that there have been many legal and ethical violations of student and faculty rights that we are aware of but have yet to report on. If anything it seems the frequency of these violations are on the increase. We will continue to report on these stories in the near future (and yes we will get caught up on lots of the stories we missed).

Chuck Norton
Editor, IUSB Vision Web Log.

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BACKFIRE: Limbaugh Ratings Surge Upward After White House Attacks

Posted by iusbvision on March 27, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is laughing at the White House coordinated attacks against him that attempted to diminish his message. He is laughing all the way to the bank. In contrast, Obama’s approval numbers are looking more and more grim.


Obama Approval Index

Obama Approval Index

Radio Equalizer:

While these numbers reflect February’s results, they could go even higher in March, as the White House anti-Rush effort was still in high gear going into this month.

1 – In New York City, WABC has experienced huge gains during Rush’s noon- 3pm timeslot: from 4.6 to 6.7 overall (12 and older) share, good for first place overall in the nation’s largest market. Rush’s Big Apple listenership is now estimated at 693,000.

2 – In the second-largest market, Los Angeles, KFI-AM has surged into the number one position (all listeners 12 and older) from 9am to noon, with 618,000 listeners, a 4.6 to 6.0 audience share increase over three months and an even bigger males 35-64 (4.6 to 6.3) move, to take first place there as well.

3 – Chicago, saw another huge move, with Rush affiliate WLS also taking first place during his timeslot (12 and older), from 5.2 share to 6.9 and a total local listenership of 396,700 in the third-largest market.

4 – KSFO / San Francisco saw similar results, despite the extreme-left bent of the Bay Area: 4.7 to 6.0 share, now ranking second overall and with men aged 35-64. Total audience: 346,000.

5 – In Dallas – Fort Worth, 4.8 to 6.4 men 35-64 and fourth overall (12+), 3.5 to 4.5. Cumulative audience: 250,000.

6 – Houston’s results were truly blockbuster: 6.0 to 9.8 overall, ranking number one with a bullet and audience of 382,300. Men 35-64: number one again, from 8.6 to 12.2 over three months. Adults 25-54: first place, 4.6 to 8.7. Women 25-54: 3.7 to 8.3 again good for a top ranking.

7 – DC’s WMAL also saw Rush-related growth: 4.1 to 6.7, good for third overall and an audience of 155,300. Men 35-64: number one with a staggering 6.4 to 13.4 move.

8 – In Atlanta, Rush has helped WGST fend off an enormous competitor, WSB-AM, with a similar 4.0 to 6.2 upward move, good for fifth place overall and a total audience of 473,500. The results are better in the male 35-64 demographic, surging from 5.5 to 8.0 share.

9 – Bucking Detroit’s recent Democratic voting trend, Rush’s performance on WJR-AM has been more significant than ever, moving into first place with a 5.8 to 9.6 jump. Men 35-64: number one and 11.6 share. Total audience: 253,000.

Limbaugh comments HERE.

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The Debate is Over. Global Warming Alarmism is About Achieving Central Control of the Economy and Now They Admit It Openly.

Posted by iusbvision on March 27, 2009

Conservatives and science realists have said for years that the global warming hysteria has nothing to do with science and everything to do with central control of the economy and the global redistribution of wealth.

Global warming alarmists and leftists (who by ideology always wanted central control over the economy) said that we were nuts, they said we were akin to holocost deniers and other such silly attacks. Now we have this, which confirms everything we always said about the issue.

U.N. ‘Climate Change’ Plan Would Likely Shift Trillions to Form New World Economy

Friday, March 27, 2009
By George Russell

A United Nations document on “climate change” that will be distributed to a major environmental conclave next week envisions a huge reordering of the world economy, likely involving trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, millions of job losses and gains, new taxes, industrial relocations, new tariffs and subsidies, and complicated payments for greenhouse gas abatement schemes and carbon taxes — all under the supervision of the world body.

Those and other results are blandly discussed in a discretely worded United Nations “information note” on potential consequences of the measures that industrialized countries will likely have to take to implement the Copenhagen Accord, the successor to the Kyoto Treaty, after it is negotiated and signed by December 2009. The Obama administration has said it supports the treaty process if, in the words of a U.S. State Department spokesman, it can come up with an “effective framework” for dealing with global warming.

The 16-page note, obtained by FOX News, will be distributed to participants at a mammoth negotiating session that starts on March 29 in Bonn, Germany, the first of three sessions intended to hammer out the actual commitments involved in the new deal.

In the stultifying language that is normal for important U.N. conclaves, the negotiators are known as the “Ad Hoc Working Group On Further Commitments For Annex I Parties Under the Kyoto Protocol.” Yet the consequences of their negotiations, if enacted, would be nothing short of world-changing.

Noel Sheppard on the Fox Forum in reaction:

The UN Makes it Official: Global Warming Hysteria Is All About Redistributing Wealth

By Noel Sheppard
Associate Editor,

For years, climate realists around the world have been warning the international community that the entire man-made global warming myth and resulting hysteria is all a scheme to redistribute wealth under the pretense of saving the planet.

In a document obtained by FOX News, the United Nations has made it official.

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‘Liberal’ ABC Radio Boss Firing Profitable Conservative Hosts, Hannity Leaves ABC Syndicator. ABC/Citadel Being Run in the Ground.

Posted by iusbvision on March 27, 2009

Talk radio still dong well considering the state of the economy, other radio formats are getting hammered. Radio Equalizer, an industry magazine, is calling for talk radio to be divorced from music formats because the business is so different.

Yet ABC’s radio syndication company Citadel is losing money hand over foot, not because it is incapable of bringing in radio, but because of the politically motivated decisions by its CEO and his sheer incompetence at running an enterprise.

Radio Equalizer:

Topping the list is Citadel CEO Farid Suleman (right), radio’s poster child for managerial incompetence. How this man could survive beyond Monday in his current position is beyond comprehension. As he speaks of coming “belt- tightening”, cost- cutting that apparently excludes him, why is he unwilling to accept blame for his company’s outright destruction?

While Citadel-ABC Radio was encountering a nationwide ad sales meltdown, Suleman was busy sucking up to Don Imus, wasting months crafting an ego- boosting mega- deal for the elderly fossil- talker. Instead of bringing the best programming minds into the fold to confront the challenges of the future, Suleman micro- managed schedule changes in markets as small as Providence.

Now, Citadel’s stock has fallen so low that the New York Stock Exchange was forced to suspend trading and outright delisting now seems a certainty. Shares (NYSE:CDL) are down 87% in just the last year.

Now Citadel is being booted off the exchange and now will be traded OTC. Citadel’s original ownership made a killing by sticking to the two most popular formats, conservative news-talk and country music…. well read on with more from Radio Equalizer:

Booted off of the New York Stock Exchange after it failed to make a convincing case for its future viability, Citadel will cease trading there tomorrow, moving to the illiquid and sometimes shady world of the “pink sheets”. That’s despite a recent move by the NYSE to relax listing requirements.

Ahead of that undignified exit, Citadel (NYSE:CDL) shares closed today at one penny, down nine cents from Wednesday’s trading. In 2004, it traded as high as $22.

wlsThat leaves a total market capitalization of just under three million dollars, despite owning some of the nation’s largest radio stations, including WABC / New York City, WMAL / Washington, WBAP / Dallas – Fort Worth, KGO – KSFO / San Francisco, WLS / Chicago, WJR / Detroit, KABC / Los Angeles and dozens of other music and talk stations across the country, from Albuquerque to Providence and all points in between.

Citadel’s original ownership and management team built a highly-successful firm around conservative talkers on the AM band and country music stations on FM, mostly in medium-sized Sunbelt markets. When subsequent owners acquired ABC Radio and saw their own liberal ideology clash with Citadel’s established internal structure, it began to unravel.

Ridiculous decisions by Citadel CEO Farid Suleman include the firing of popular and profitable KSFO host Melanie Morgan, who’s 527 was making TV ads across the country and was becoming a genuine political force. Suleman has been paid millions while driving the company into the ground at breakneck speed.

Radio Equalizer:

Today, calls for Suleman to be fired have grown, including USC Professor/ industry analyst Jerry Del Colliano. At Inside Music Media, Del Colliano points to Suleman’s huge salary at the very time he is wiping out programming schedules across the country.

Melanie Morgan

Melanie Morgan

Especially shocking: highly- rated KSFO morning host Melanie Morgan was among those let go. Co- host Lee Rodgers, who had already cut his schedule to just four shows per week, will now be expected to carry on alone. This has sent shockwaves through Bay Area media circles, where even longtime entertainment reporter Brad Kava, a leftist, has expressed his alarm.

This has occurred despite the success of right- leaning talk, due to entirely epic managerial incompetence. And for those inclined to play that game, just take a look at Suleman’s liberal political contribution history.

In addition, Suleman was behind the baffling elimination of Rush Limbaugh from his longtime home in Providence, WPRO-AM.

Suleman was also responsible for bringing Don Imus to WABC with a huge compensation package. How smart of a move was that; well Jay Severin is beating him in ratings.

Here is Citadel’s stock chart for the last five years:

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Sean Hannity had finally had enough:

Apparently unhappy with the recently- merged company’s political and business direction, talk radio syndication biggie Sean Hannity is exiting Citadel – ABC Radio (NYSE:CDL) for a yet- to- be- disclosed rival. The move could dramatically reshape programming lineups on a number of major stations.

According to a highly- placed source inside the company, Hannity is unhappy with Citadel – ABC for two reasons: its dismal financial performance and the liberal ideological leanings of CEO Farid Suleman and COO Judy Ellis, which are said to have interfered with good relations between the parties.

Syndicated in over 500 markets nationwide, Hannity’s afternoon drive show is said to bring in $35m in annual revenue, which will now be lost as Sean jumps ship. The program is considered to be the second- biggest cash generator in ABC Radio’s network lineup, with his compensation at a reported $5m per annum.

As for ratings, in New York City under the new Portable People Meter system, he pulled an impressive 5.4 12+ share for February. That was just shy of Rush Limbaugh’s blockbuster 5.6. Nationally, Hannity’s audience is second only to Limbaugh’s.

since they took the reins of the merged company, Suleman and Ellis have made a number of peculiar decisions, including an emphasis on the 65+ audience rather than younger, more advertiser- friendly demographics. That has included a mega- deal with talk fossil Don Imus.

Also highly questionable were baffling decisions to remove Rush Limbaugh from WPRO-AM in Providence and fire nationally- known conservative morning talker Melanie Morgan from KSFO/ San Francisco.

The impact of Sean’s departure will be significant for all parties involved: Citadel – ABC loses millions, while his show will be pulled from key ABC Radio stations in some major cities. At the same time, it will have to compete against his new program, most likely to be syndicated by Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Networks, home to Rush Limbaugh.

The Sean Hannity Show is now co-managed by Clear Channel and Citadel; a deal they worked out to keep Hannity at WABC and so Citadel would not have to compete against him.

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First Russia, then China, now a UN panel calls for the world to replace the dollar as the standard reserve currency.

Posted by iusbvision on March 27, 2009

Spending to much, creating reckless debt, trying to interfere with legal contracts, corruption between Congress and Wall Street at al all time high, a housing/mortgage problem that has not been addressed yet, union card check, new energy taxes and no serious attempt to expend production all lead to one thing, an erosion in the confidence of the United States to pay its debt and continue to grow the economy after the depression.

Combine that with the fact we are now printing money out of thin air ala banana republic style and and a Treasury Secretary whose almost every action/statement seems to further push the dollar down and I cannot blame the world, who has bought tens of trillions of dollars worth of our debt are panicking because as we devalue our currency it reduces the value of what we owe them.


UN panel touts new global currency reserve system

A UN panel of expert economists pressed Thursday for a new global currency reserve scheme to replace the volatile, dollar-based system and for coordinated steps by rich countries to stimulate their economies.

“A new Global Reserve System — what may be viewed as a greatly expanded SDR (Special Drawing Rights), with regular or cyclically adjusted emissions calibrated to the size of reserve accumulations, could contribute to global stability, economic strength and global equity,” the panel said.

All of you Obama supporters who have an emotional attachment to the guy and are in denial about how much damage a very far left administration and Congress can do; soon you will realize that emotional attachments do not lower the debt, they do not lower unemployment, they do not raise the value of the dollar, and they do not bring back wealth and companies that are now leaving the country to escape what is being created.

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Are ‘women’ or other so called ‘groups’ benefited when they get more of that group elected to office?

Posted by iusbvision on March 27, 2009

What has the election of minority Democrats done for Detroit or any inner city or inner city schools? Have women done better in Michigan because of Jennifer Granholm? This is a brilliant analysis by Dennis Prager.

“The more you rely on having your ‘group’ in power the less your group will improve.”

“In every single measurement boys are doing worse than girls and Hillary Clinton says what a great change it is that we are talking about ‘Women’s issues'”  Jail, poverty, drop outs, suicide, college education, health, men are doing worse than women yet who is talking about men’s issues?

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Surprise: British Press Smearing Daniel Hannan

Posted by iusbvision on March 26, 2009

Here is the hit piece that Channel 4 in England did on Daniel Hannan. 

One talking head says Hannan wants no regulation at all, which of course is silly. Even the most strident of hands off conservatives/libertarians wants good ethics policing to prevent fraud and abuse as they consider that one of the vital and proper roles of government.

They call American web sites “right wing” and yet the socialist man from “Labour’ is not called left wing (It is important to keep in mind that “right wing” in Europe is very different from the more libertarian “right” in America so Channel 4 just got it wrong).

Another talking head refers to him as “batty” and after calling him all these names and mischaracterizing his position they bring him on to talk about the reasons and facts behind the speech… NOPE… but to comment on the “mysterious” popularity of it.

The man from Labour then starts making all sorts of personal attacks and name calling. The “moderator” from Channel 4 does not stop it and does not invite Daniel Hannan to respond to such nonsense. 


This is refreshing. Here is Dan Hannan on FNC. He is shocked that Fox News is treating him like he is a human being. He said yesterday on FNC that he would never get asked good questions on any British TV. Here Hannan delivers a fabulous one liner:

“It’s common sense when you are in debt you spend less. Anyone but a politician can see this.”

UPDATE: I have been going through all his speeches and now I understand why the left and the British press are so desperate to smear this man…. he is gooooooood. This speech short speech (about the EU Decleration of Rights is useless because structurally the EU is fundementally unresponsive to the people) is like music. Give it a listen.

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EU president: Obama’s plans are the way to hell.

Posted by iusbvision on March 26, 2009


STRASBOURG, France —  A top European Union politician on Wednesday slammed U.S. plans to spend its way out of recession as “a way to hell.”

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, told the European Parliament that President Barack Obama’s massive stimulus package and banking bailout “will undermine the stability of the global financial market.”


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