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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Obama admits his new energy tax will cause electricity bills to “skyrocket”

Posted by iusbvision on March 4, 2009

$1400 a year average per house hold to get electricity and heat your home. That is what Obama’s broad-based energy tax he calls “cap & trade” will cost.

This will raise the cost of everything. You will be taxed directly with this plan and you will be taxed indirectly because the price of everything will go up.

Pay close attention to the video report below. They talk about Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and than intermix it with the word pollution. Anyone who has taken an organic chemistry class can tell you that Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant. It is what all animal life breathes out and what plants breath in. They talk about Carbon Dioxide and show pictures of smoke stacks. Tell me does the air you breathe out look like that smoke?… because what you breathe out is Carbon Dioxide.

Every kind of life giving and manufacturing and industrial activity makes or uses Carbon Dioxide. How can American companies compete with overseas products with an insane tax like this? How can the stock market recover.

There is no question about it, this policy will chase wealth, businesses and jobs out of the country. As if we did’t have enough of that already. This “cap & trade” energy tax MUST be stopped. Obama promised that if you make under $250,000 a year your taxes would not go up one dime. Hold him to that promise. Call your representative today.

One Response to “Obama admits his new energy tax will cause electricity bills to “skyrocket””

  1. Jamie P said

    I think this one is a little backwards. I can’t understand Obama’s logic in this one.
    Would it just be easier to to tell these companies to fix the problems they have with pollution or they will be taxes more by 2012, and unable to pass the cost on to consumers.
    Most of these companies can afford to do this if they are paying their CEO & COO millions of dollars a year a year.
    They should take some of that money and clean up their act.
    Why should consumers keep bearing the cost???
    After all It is a private companies that produce the power why should consumers have to pay
    when electric & gas companies are making money. Is the government afraid that their stock will go down. ??????

    [We produce energy very cleanly now and we could be even more clean if we used our vast clean coal, natural gas and nuclear resources.

    The fuel for capitalism is plentiful, affordable energy. Without it the economy suffers because its hard to produce. Keep in mind that we are dealing with the ideological far left who believes that all prosperity comes from government, with themselves in central control, and that personal profit is immoral. – Editor]

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