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Rick Perry becomes next governor to reject federal stimulus money

Posted by iusbvision on March 12, 2009


For the same reasons other governors have, it comes along with so many unfunded mandate strings attached that states who accepted this money would have to raise taxes to comply with the strings.  In essence this is the Federal Government using stealth tactics to force the states to be the agent of raising your taxes.

Houston Chronicle:

Gov. Rick Perry set up a possible battle with the Legislature today by rejecting about $555 million from the federal government for expanded aid to unemployed Texans on grounds that the money would come attached with too many costly obligations.

Perry announced his refusal of the funds in Houston at a Bering’s Hardware store near the Galleria, where a store official said accepting that share of the nation’s so-called stimulus package might mean having to pay an additional $12,000 a year in unemployment insurance.

“Employers who have to pay more taxes have less money to make their payroll” and would have to raise prices on their products, the governor said. “The calls to take the (stimulus) money and sort out the consequences later are quite troubling to me.”

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Obama wants to charge injured vets for treatment! – How can they be this stupid? – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on March 12, 2009

Imagine the elite media reaction if Bush did this…..

UPDATE – The head of the American Legion met with Obama and came out from the meeting outraged: 

WASHINGTON, March 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The leader of the nation’s largest veterans organization says he is “deeply disappointed and concerned” after a meeting with President Obama today to discuss a proposal to force private insurance companies to pay for the treatment of military veterans who have suffered service-connected disabilities and injuries. The Obama administration recently revealed a plan to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in such cases.


“It became apparent during our discussion today that the President intends to move forward with this unreasonable plan,” said Commander David K. Rehbein of The American Legion. “He says he is looking to generate $540-million by this method, but refused to hear arguments about the moral and government-avowed obligations that would be compromised by it.”


The Commander, clearly angered as he emerged from the session said, “This reimbursement plan would be inconsistent with the mandate ‘ to care for him who shall have borne the battle’ given that the United States government sent members of the armed forces into harm’s way, and not private insurance companies. I say again that The American Legion does not and will not support any plan that seeks to bill a veteran for treatment of a service connected disability at the very agency that was created to treat the unique need of America’s veterans!”

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As if insulting our greatest ally multiple times wasn’t enough, after Obama giving Gordon Brown a pack of DVD’s that he couldn’t even play after Brown gave obama priceless artifacts from the people of the United Kingdom, after multiple botches in dealing with Russia, after nominating a pack of tax cheats to hold high positions in the administration, after nominating an anti-semite who thought that the Chinese government  at Tienanmen Square didn’t do enough to hold a position in national intelligence only to have leaders in Congress tell obama “no way” and after breaking his promises at a frantic rate since the inauguration…..

….after all of these stupid moves it finally took this story to convince me that Obama is just not nearly as bright as “everyone” said he was. Indeed the Obama teleprompter and stupid jokes are coming.

Sadly this hits on a theme that we have noticed in Obama Administration positions, they are often just plain cruel.


WASHINGTON (CNN)— Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

But the proposal would be “dead on arrival” if it’s sent to Congress, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington, said.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance. …

No official proposal to create such a program has been announced publicly, but veterans groups wrote a pre-emptive letter last week to President Obama voicing their opposition to the idea after hearing the plan was under consideration.

The groups also cited an increase in “third-party collections” estimated in the 2010 budget proposal — something they said could be achieved only if the Veterans Administration started billing for service-related injuries.

Asked about the proposal, Shinseki said it was under “consideration.”

“A final decision hasn’t been made yet,” he said.

Our friends at are even surprised by the shocking stupidity of such a move:

Let’s see.  The same administration that wants to give tens of billions of dollars to GM, Citigroup, AIG, and a host of other banks and manufacturers wants men and women injured in service to their country to pay for the medical care that arises from these injuries?  In what universe does Shinseki and the Obama administration live, anyway?

And people used to complain that Bush didn’t care enough about veteran care – even though he increased the VA budget by 56% from 2001 to 2008.  Bush never offered the notion that the nation should shirk its duty to those who gave their health for the defense of America, especially not in the same week in which his administration signed a record omnibus bill with 8,000 pork items in it.  In fact, I don’t think any administration has ever signaled such a policy, mostly because previous administrations weren’t dumb enough to try it, let alone crass enough to consider it an area to save a little cash.

UPDATE – After much yelling and screaming Obama changed his mind.  – LINK.

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Companies Already Leaving USA Over Obama’s Proposed Tax Scheme

Posted by iusbvision on March 12, 2009

This is why the so called “soak the rich” policies of the far left leave the poor and middle class hardest hit. This is also why “soak the rich” tax policies actually lower the growth of revenue taken in by the government.

Ask not for whom the tax bell tolls, it tolls for thee! – Just ask the employees of these companies who will now be out of a job.


Reuters News Service:

ZUG, Switzerland, March 12 (Reuters) – The tidy towns and mountain vistas of Switzerland are an unlikely setting for an oil boom. 

Yet a wave of energy companies has in the last few months announced plans to move to Switzerland — mainly for its appeal as a low-tax corporate domicile that looks relatively likely to stay out of reach of Barack Obama’s tax-seeking administration.

 In a country with scant crude oil production of its own, the virtual energy boom has changed the canton or state of Zug, about 30 minutes’ drive from Zurich, beyond all recognition. Its economy was based on farming until it slashed tax rates to attract commerce after World War Two.

 Over the past six months companies including offshore drilling contractors Noble Corp and Transocean, energy-focused engineering group Foster Wheeler and oilfield services company Weatherfield International have all announced plans to shift domicile to Switzerland.

 Guido Jud, head of Zug’s tax office, said about 1,200 companies had set up shop there in 2008 — in line with the long-term average, though it is difficult to assess how many of those are foreign companies until they file tax returns.

 Swiss cantons are free to set their own tax rates. For example in Zug, corporate tax is about 16 percent but can fall as low as 9.5 percent for companies that do most of their business outside Switzerland.

America’s corporate income tax rate is 35% by comparison. has some great comments on this story HERE saying :

These results are sadly predictable.  Hiking taxes in a recession only discourages investment and increases costs to consumers.  Either prices go up or jobs get lost.  When producers can’t make profit any longer, they stop producing.  None of this should come as a surprise to anyone, but the Obama administration keeps acting as though government confiscation of capital has no effect on economic performance.  As long as that incompetence remains, expect more companies to go abroad, or go Galt.

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