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Scandal: High school faculty changes grades to get students in colleges

Posted by iusbvision on March 14, 2009


Grade-Fixing Scandal Rocks N.J. High School

Fort Lee High Principal, Guidance Counselors May Be Behind Scheme To Get Students Into Competitive Colleges

A New Jersey principal was suspended and guidance counselors were put on the hot seat over a grade-fixing scandal at Fort Lee High School. The school district’s superintendent confirmed to CBS 2 HD that grades were changed and transcripts tainted, all without the knowledge of students, parents and teachers.

The deception appears to go back at least six years and was the focus of an emergency meeting of the school board on Wednesday night. Hardest hit by the scandal are Fort Lee Highs most academically gifted students.

As few as 10 of them had their grades improved or bad grades deleted. Stephanie Kim, an honors student at Fort Lee High, was at the meeting with her parents. She has applications pending at 10 top notch universities.

“My biggest fear is not getting into college,” Kim said. “Truthfully, just the fact that this happened in the administration and students didnt even know about it.”

The cheating was discovered by the school’s new director of guidance, who told Superintendent Raymond Bandlow about it on Tuesday. Bandlow suspended Fort Lee High School Principal Jay Berman, although his role in the scandal was not made clear.

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