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David Frum is having delusions of grandeur

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2009

David Frum is one of the leftist elite media’s favorite Republicans. Why? Because they they can always count on him to launch personal attacks against other Republicans in the Reagan wing of the party.  He attacks Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin and others and much like the elite media left, his attacks are often generated from elitism, ignorance of the nuance of some issues and in some cases classism.

David Frum, for now, is basking in the glory of all of the attention he has gotten by behaving this way. The elite media used to shine its spotlight on John McCain and presented him as “the only Republican anyone who enjoys the elite media should listen to” and usually only when he is attacking the largest wing of the party; which by the way, includes Reagan Democrats when the GOP actually decides it is going to govern as they promise they will.

Of course when McCain challenged The One, the spotlight and glowing accolades came to a screeching halt after the elite media’s favorite Republican won the primary. Within hours the New York Times falsely accused John McCain of having an affair with a 40 year old lobbyist and stopped printing his oped letters. The elite media who John McCain had once called “his base” was now out to destroy him.

The result of Frum’s sophistry has been to get some attention from those who want to bash Republicans and claim the moral high road by declaring themselves as “moderates” and to get some temporary attention from Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh who have some fun poking at Frum. Of course, Frum lacks the introspective to ask himself, if he is so moderate why is it that the Reagan wing of the party, when they govern like the Reagan wing, is so effective at attracting cross pressured voters like the Reagan Democrats and why is it that (as clever youtubers have proved) Barack Obama burrowed much of  his rhetoric from Ronald Reagan?

Frum posted on his web site an article thanking all of his new readers who have come to his web site, as if they are really there to consume the product of his great intellect…..


Wednesday, March 11, 2009 11:36 AM

It’s been an exciting week here at NewMajority. It was just Feb. 27 that Rush Limbaugh declared in his speech at CPAC that would-be Republican reformers must be stamped out. Since then, we’ve had some exciting exchanges with Rush and his many, many admirers, supporters and dependents. The issues at stake could not be more important. Shall conservatives and Republicans subside into a movement of cultural protest? Or shall we restore ourselves as a grand national governing coalition?

This discussion has now reached close to 300,000 unique visitors here at NewMajority. We’re very excited by the continuing improvement in our various wonky web metrics: average duration of a visit to the site, number of pages read, that kind of thing. Above all, we are all of us here at NM gratified by our array of new writers and valued independent commenters.

Most of the critical comments have been routinely cleansed from the page, even ones that weren’t nasty. Of course the far left went in there and had a ball as well and most of that was removed. One comment was left behind that demonstrated my point exactly.

Frum, my #1 suggestion for improvement is to avoid personally attacking other Republicans in your articles. Constructive criticism of one’s policies or viewpoints are fine…personal attacks will not bring about a NewMajority.

It is likely that David Frum will see this post eventually. David, you will only be in the spotlight as long as you continue to act as John McCain once did before he was mugged into a hard learned lesson. The time may come when you oppose The One, or the elite media on a matter of substance with some effectiveness. When/if that time comes you will go from being spotlighted to ignored, and if you are too effectivethey will try and destroy you too (you will notice that Barney Frank did not get the Jon Stewart treatment and Jim Cramer did). Right now the elite media is moving its “favorite and officially endorsed Republican spotlight” form you to Meghan McCain because she is a whole lot prettier than you and she is willing to make baseless accusations of anti-semitism against people, but all is not lost maybe if you say something like “Ann Coulter hates all Hispanics” or something you can get some of the spotlight back.

UPDATE – Awesome update in this story HERE.

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