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Elite Media Ignoring Tea Party Protests Across the Nation

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2009

UPDATE III – Associated Press covered a small anti-war protest today LINK– but ignored Tea Parties across the nation. I did a search at for “Tea Party” and got nothing (LINK) on this weekends Tea Party protests. This verifies News Busters and what we shared with you HERE.

UPDATE II– 3/21. News Busters has done a story on the elite media ignoring new Tea Party protests across the nation. LINK

UPDATE– The lovely, brilliant, and tenacious Michelle Malkin covers this story HERE (Editor’s Note – The editor is not bashful about his respect for Michelle Malkin. For more ionformation on upcoming Tea Parties please visit ).

I was going to write a story up this evening, but I see NewsBusters has reported the story flawlessly:

Since CNBC’s Rick Santelli first suggesteda Chicago Tea Party to protest President Obama’s plans to “stimulate” the economy and bailout homeowners through unrestrained government spending, organized demonstrations have been occurring across the fruited plain.

In fact, as Glenn Reynolds reported moments ago, there’s one happening today in Cincinnati. 

Unfortunately, unless you frequent conservative websites, you’d have no idea that such events were being staged. 

Did you know there have been that many? If you didn’t, don’t feel embarrassed for these have gone almost totally ignored.

For instance, with the exception of Fox News and CNN, no major television outlet has covered even one of these events except the original proposed by Santelli on February 19.

Compare that to how these networks practically fell all over themselves to report war protests after the public’s opinion changed concerning Iraq in late 2003. 

As for print, Tea Parties have been completely ignored by the Washington Post, USA Today, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

I guess Americans protesting the president’s policies just isn’t newsworthy when there’s a Democrat in the White House. [The photo below is from today’s Cincinatti protest. Protests around the country are scheduled for April 15th – editor]

3 Responses to “Elite Media Ignoring Tea Party Protests Across the Nation”

  1. […] Elite Media Ignoring Tea Party Protests Across the Nation « The IUSB Vision Weblog […]

  2. […] Elite Media Ignoring Tea Party Protests Across the Nation « The IUSB Vision Weblog […]

  3. RWNJ said

    The Cincinnati organizer said estimates were between 3500-5000 present. It was beautiful weather and a wonderful crowd. Very creative signage and passionate people.

    I put a bunch of photos of the tea party out if anyone wants to see how it was in action!

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