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Amherst Faculty Boycotts Justice Scalia’s Lecture on Persuading Judges.

Posted by iusbvision on March 16, 2009

What academic bias so many professors tell me, THIS academic bias. Isn’t it about time that academia started showing some ability for introspective?

Peter Robinson from National Review Reports (Hat Tip RWSparkle):

The Shame of Amherst College   [Peter Robinson]

On Uncommon Knowledge this week, Mr. Justice Antonin Scalia.

With Bryan Garner, Justice Scalia recently published Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges, and today we discuss the importance of logic and concision, the place of oral arguments, and the current state of debate—of true and rigorous debate—in our courts, in the media, and in the academy.

“My youngest child went to Amherst.  I went to graduation there, and while I was there I gave a lecture.  The lecture was boycotted by all of the faculty members at Amherst.  It’s no skin off my nose…but it shows a closed-mindedness that should certainly not exist in the academy.”

To watch the discussion in full, click here (video).

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