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Indiana Legislators Listen Up: Two More States Move to Limit Red Light Cameras

Posted by iusbvision on March 16, 2009

Missouri News Leader:

Missouri Senate looks to regulate red-light cameras

Chad Livengood • News-Leader • March 11, 2009

Jefferson City — The Missouri Senate revived an effort Tuesday to regulate red-light cameras.

The Senate tacked onto a transportation bill an amendment that would require cities to positively identify the driver of a car running a red light in order to issue a ticket.

KBTX – Texas:

Bill Would Outlaw TX Red-Light Cameras, CS Man Volunteers to Testify

As College Station is expanding its red light camera program, a state representative is trying to stop it.

A Lubbock legislator has filed a bill that would end red-light cameras in Texas, and a local driver is offering help.

Lubbock did away with its red-light cameras last year when the citizen group that oversaw the cameras, determined the cameras hadn’t made Lubbock’s streets any safer.

At that time, the cameras also hadn’t made Lubbock any money. A College Station man is supporting that Lubbock legislator; he says money is what the cameras are all about.

Jim Ash has been fighting College Station’s red-light cameras in court, through a website, and with his G-P-S, since being issued a citation last fall.

Now he may be taking his case all the way to the Texas capitol.

State Representative Carl Isett, of Lubbock has filed a bill to outlaw red-light cameras.

(Hat Tip Instapundit.)

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