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Study: Media Acts as Ideological Gatekeepers to Censor News

Posted by iusbvision on March 17, 2009

I know this is going to sound dreadfully dry, but reading academic journals is sort of becoming a hobby of mine. Every once in a while I find a real gem of a statement. Here is one I found today.

Bias in TV News Study by C. A. Tuggle 1998:

One research contended that what is news is determined by Journalists’ own experiences, values and attitudes (Willis 1991). Willis wrote that journalists, like most people, tend to stereotype people, issues, and situations. These stereotypes, in turn, affect the gatekeeping process, in which journalists decide what is news and in what form the news should be presented. Sowell (1992) argued that subjects or positions that do not fit the ideological preconceptions of the media never become news.

…and to think that one of my journalism professors told me that she never saw anything like this happen in her career. I see it happen every day, just open the New York Times, or take a look at how the L.A. Times thought that a Tea Party Protest that attracted between 8000 – 15000 people (depending on whose numbers you listen to) was just not newsworthy; yet the LA Times writes about upcoming far left ANSWER protests in advance to help inflate them – LINK.

What is not in the study but what is clearly obvious, is that the bias in Academia and college text books works exactly the same way.  Look at how universities refuse to bring conservative speakers to campus, or try to charge outrageous “security” fees to bring them in. Look at what Amherst College did to Justice Scalia recently – LINK.

There is little to no serious study, of the Roman and Greek classics, John Locke, Adam Smith,  or American Studies in the general education curriculum at most universities today.

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