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Democrats to AIG: Give back the bonus money or we will release your personal information.

Posted by iusbvision on March 18, 2009

We first reported on the AIG bonus story HERE.

While AIG is getting death threats by the dozens and they read some of those threats at a congressional hearing today including one to wrap piano wire around their throats and killing their children. On the Neil Cavuto show on Fox News a member of the Democratic leadership (Gary Ackerman) when asked if releasing their names and public information is a responsible thing in light of these threats the copngressman said , “Well all they have to do to avoid this is get back the money.”

Folks that is very next to a physical threat of violence. We have said several times that with these new laws undermining ethics procedures that they have sneaked into the Stimulus Bill and other actions, that recent Democrat actions are the things that banana republics are made of.

Republicans are starting to call for Tim Geithner to resign. This is a political play, they should be calling for Chris Dodd to resign and besides, Geithner is a bumbling boob and for the Republicans is the gift that keeps on giving.

Ultimately this is a distraction. Republicans are getting bold enough to hit the Democrats and Democrats who have an unbalanced share in this whole crisis and who are getting enriched by it with campaign kickbacks need some outrage that takes the heat off of themselves. As has been shown in other posts the Democrats knew these bonuses were coming because they stripped out language in the Stimulus Bill to stop them and adden an amendment behind closed doors while locking Republicans out to specifically allow them for companies who took the stimulus funds.

UPDATE – 3/19 Thanks to Hotair for posting the video link.

2 Responses to “Democrats to AIG: Give back the bonus money or we will release your personal information.”

  1. SCOOMBS said

    april 15th tea party—- @ your local post office—the one that stays open late–the media will be there–bring signs— 3 pm till……….the revolution will not be televised

  2. […] wants to show they care by bashing AIG. Which almost all of them agreed to bail out.” ● Democrats to AIG: Give back the bonus money or we will release your public information ● All of the people should be executed with piano wire around their […]

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