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Elite Media Fails to Mention Party Affiliation for Jailed Democrat (Again)

Posted by iusbvision on March 19, 2009

This is always fun to report. It happens so often that we don’t even report them all.

It goes like this, if a Republican gets in trouble or even something that can be made to look like trouble, the ‘Republican’ party affiliation is mentioned many times in the article. But if said person on trouble is a Democrat, the party affiliation is usually left out.

We have reported on this phenomenon HERE and HERE and HERE.

News Busters has a little fun with this story:

Name That Party: Top NM Dem Sentenced, Party Affiliation Deep Sixed

By Warner Todd Huston
March 19, 2009 – 02:59 ET

Manny Aragon was one of New Mexico’s most powerful law makers and power brokers. A former Senate president, Aragon was this week convicted and given a 67 month sentence for lining his pockets and that of his co-conspirators with millions in fraudulently billed state contracting money.

While his “iconic” status is mentioned and his long standing position as a “Senate leader” is dutifully chronicled, his status as a Democrat doesn’t seem to make the cut of a large portion of the stories on his sentencing.

The Associated Press misses the fact in two versions of the story (here and here), so does the New Mexico Independent. KRQE News 13 doesn’t mention the party of Agagonor his co-conspirator Raul Parra. McClatchy’s Albuquerque Journal also skips party mention in this story of reactions to the sentencing.

And, in an amusing side note, the supposedly non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) also do not mention Aragon’s party affiliation. This, of course, is hardly surprising because the folks that run CREW are a little less “non-partisan” than they claim with board members and operations staff rich with Democrat Party activism, ACLU experience and one with a past job history with the left-wing group Media Matters — a group funded in part by George Soros. One of its board members is well-known left-wing legal activist, law school dean and radio guest Erwin Chemerinsky. There isn’t a single Republican oriented member of this “non-partisan” group to be found.

In any case, we have one of New Mexico’s most powerful Democrat lawmakers headed for the hooskow, yet his party seems to go un-indicted by the Old Media. Imagine that?

News Busters is a site you should visit every day.


UPDATE: Speaking of News Busters….

Jack Murtha, who is the king of trading earmark pork in exchange for campaign contributions was the subject of a report by CBS news where they failed to mention his party identification – LINK.

PA Senator Fumo found guilty on 137 counts. NBC fails to mention he is a Democrat. – LINK.

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