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Nation’s worst school principals will get bonuses

Posted by iusbvision on March 19, 2009

Via The Voice for School Choice (Hat Tip Ed Morrissey at

In the last year, public schools in South Carolina have endured $360 million in state budget cuts.

While many classroom teachers are fearing for their jobs, there are legions of consultants, bureaucrats and administrators who continue to cash-out from the $11,480 per child public school spending.

Just as the budget crisis worsens, parents are getting more bad news about public school performance. Unlike the budget crunch, which began in November of last year, low test scores, growing race- and wealth gaps, a 55% graduate rate and a surge in the number of failing public schools are a long term trend in South Carolina public schools.

In the latest round of bad news, parents were shocked to learn that according to a nationwide study, 11 of the country’s worst performing public schools are located in South Carolina. Of those 11 persistently failing schools, 4 are located in Charleston South Carolina.

Now it appears that principals at 2 of those schools will receive salary bonuses this year!

Get the rest of the details HERE.

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