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Roundup of News You Missed Because of the AIG Media Distraction

Posted by iusbvision on March 19, 2009

It is just like we told you and Shep says in this video; this AIG story is a BS distraction.

Obama took half a million dollars for a book deal a few days before the inauguration. – LINK. Remember how upset the Democrats and the media got over Newt Gingrich’s book deal? –

Rush Limbaugh is polling higher than Nancy Pelosi  – LINK.

More babies were born in the United States in 2007 than any year in the nation’s history, topping the peak during the baby boom 50 years earlier, federal researchers reported Wednesday. 40% out of wedlock. – LINK
[I think that once you are married you should have lots of babies. This leftist population control stuff is nonsense. If you want to fight about it bring it on in comments. – Editor]

Karl Rove: The Obama Administration’s actions are giving the GOP an opening. – LINK

DEBATE: Is Bush the worst president in the last 50 years? Karl Rove and Bill Kristol debate two lefties on NPR in front of an audience who votes for the winner. Rove and Kristol win the vote. The audio, which is VERY enlightening is here – LINK

Video: Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that enforcing immigration laws is “un-American” – LINK

SEIU union is firing union employees and replacing them with temps from a staffing agency. – LINK

The Huffington Post calls on the FCC to censor media they consider to be conservative. Of course MSNBC is right down the middle…. – LINK. Like all too many college administrators and other far left Democrats the First Amendment only counts for speech they like.

MSNBC questions Karl Rove’s manhood and claims that VP Cheney was the mastermind of an assassination ring. LINK and LINK. Yup stright down the middle….

Secularists trying to get St. Patrick’s day renamed to “Shamrock Day” – LINK. Haven’t people had enough of these God-O-phobes yet?

Good video of some of the local Tea Party coverage that is being ignored by the national elite media.

Richard Cohen at the Washington Post has a great column defending Jim Cramer. While Jon Stewart attacked Cramer for believing that Bear Stearns and AIG were good buys before the collapse, so did 80% of the rest of the profession. – LINK

As NewsBusters reported Sunday, “with the exception of Fox News and CNN, no major television outlet has covered even one of these events except the original proposed by Santelli on February 19.” – LINK.

Good Morning America tosses softballs to Michelle Obama, yet lectured and grilled Laura Bush. – LINK.

This guy is a bit upset –

ACORN is taking more heat for …..well these guys are a pinata of illegal and thuggish activity. – LINK.

Explorers On Global Warming Expedition Stranded by Cold Weather – LINK.

Joe the Plumber sues Democrat public officials and the State of Ohio for illegally leaking his private information. – Link. This is the party that wants your medical records online for them to look over. The same party that obtained and leaked Michael Steele’s credit report. The same party that leaked Linda Tripp’s Department of Defense file. The same party that used private investigators as a secret police force. The same party that obtained 900 secret FBI files and used them illegally. The same party that wants control of your health care. Yup, you can trust them.

Congressman Maxine Waters and her own little culture of corruption? –  Link

“My Imam father came after me with an axe” – LINK

General Dr. David Petraeus for president? – LINK

Our best ally in Latin-America says that the Democrats slapped them in the face – LINK

Social Workers in England helping to make sure that Muslim women who are beaten by their fathers/husbands are beaten again by notifying the community Sharia Law pseudo authorities in the Muslim communities…… oh its true… – LINK

Its here. The automated mosquito hunter-killer laser gun. No this is not a joke. – LINK

The deficit may be up to a trillion more then current projections.  – LINK

Obama made $2.5 million in book royalties last year. – LINK

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