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The AIG, Politics of Corruption, Political Money Laundering, and Politics of Distraction Video Roundup!

Posted by iusbvision on March 20, 2009

Update – Newt Gingrich and others are confirming that Treasury and Geithner knew about the bonuses in November. The lies are unfolding fast.

Geithner, Dodd and Reid lied and have been caught.

Folks, CNN and MSNBC’s Chris Mathews were in the tank for the Democrats for years and doubly so in the election. It takes a great deal to get them to get so outraged that they make a paradime shift like this.

Here are two video’s from John Boehner on the House floor These are a MUST SEE – The Republican plan to get the money back is constitutional and would work. The Democrats bill is so royally inconstitutional that there is no way it will hold up in court, this means that the execs in all these companies will keep their bonuses if they wish and contimue to give money to Dodd, Ried, Schumer and Obama. In the second video Boehner is outraged that the Democrsts are pushing a resolution declaring themselves innocent.

Wait till you see these. It is important to watch them in order.

Last but not least. As Republicans fought to protect taxpayers from $350 billion in additional Wall Street bailouts, Democrats assured the American people President Obama would control how taxpayers’ dollars would be spent.

Cong. McCotter – The “shock of the shock speech”  “Every single Democrat in this House that voted for that bill voted to approve and protect those AIG bonuses.”

UPDATE II – CNN takes off the gloves – The Dodd Timeline It;s like we said before. CNN (Lou Dobbs exempted) is perfectly happy to be in the tank for Democrats…until you lie to their face.

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