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Rachel Maddow Deceiving You Part II – “ConservaDems & Corruption”

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2009

Be sure to see our first installment HERE after you are done reading this post.

Today we put together a nice little video that kills two birds with one stone.

It shows you the reaction Rachel Maddow had when she heard about the “Conserva-Dems”.  Group of allegedly moderate senators who have announced that they are going to moderate the presidents far left agenda. In short she is not happy and wants their skins.

It will also show you the reaction that Rachel Maddow had when she found out the the GOP plans to punish three senators for voting for the stimulus bill. You know, the largest spending bill in HISTORY that the Democrats forced a vote on before anyone had a chance to read it… the one that had language inserted to protect AIG and Fannie Mae bonuses when they had given huge donations to the Democrats. Yup, that bill.

We titled the video “Rachel Maddow, Hypocrisy, Conserva-Dems & Corruption”

Maybe Rachel Maddow should ask why it is that anyone, Democrats, Conserva-Dems, Republicans, RINO’s (like Chuck Hagel) or Independents can vote for the largest spending bill in history and not even read it to hash out the details? I deliberate more on what car I will buy or what credit union I will choose than these pinheads in Congress did in spending $1.1 Trillion (including interest) of your money. That is over a million dollars a day since the time of Jesus. That is over $200,000 for each job it CLAIMS to create. Only 23% is slated to be spent by the end of 2010 … so much for stimulus now.

So far the “Conserva-Dems” are all talk as ALL OF THEM voted for that wastefull porkulus bill.

Evan Bayh did vote against the $411 Billion earmark (pork) bill, but he knew it would get enough votes to pass. If Evan Bayh was so against the bill, why did he vote to preserve many of its worst provisions such as THIS ONE.

The “Conserva-Dems” are likely nothing but a show to save face for Senators like Bayh who come from conservative states like Indiana. When the ConservaDems vote with the president they can guard his right flank and say:

See how moderate (this radical left wing agenda is) the presidents policy to tax energy into the ground is, even we trouble making Censerva-Dems voted for it, so those rascally Republicans must be out of touch.

Bayh and the press will throw in our face the fact that he voted against that earmark bill. Expect him to vote “NO” when other bills like this will still have enough votes to pass without him. This political strategy is called “Triangulation” and this is a strategy that is taught by many schools who teach political science.

When Tim Roemer votes against Clinton’s spending bills in 1993, he voted to preserve them in their current form in dozens of procedural and amendment votes. When that bill had enough votes to pass he voted against it so he could come back to Notre Dame and the South Bend Tribune and tell us all about what an independent minded man he was who is looking out for us.

Some political insiders tell me our current congressman Joe Donnelly plays much the same game; although to be fair I have not researched his record to the degree I have Roemer’s. They say he waits till almost all of the votes are cast by other members to see where things stand and then casts his vote.

UPDATE – Maddow claims that The Constitution does not have a preamble… – LINK.

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