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Surprise: British Press Smearing Daniel Hannan

Posted by iusbvision on March 26, 2009

Here is the hit piece that Channel 4 in England did on Daniel Hannan. 

One talking head says Hannan wants no regulation at all, which of course is silly. Even the most strident of hands off conservatives/libertarians wants good ethics policing to prevent fraud and abuse as they consider that one of the vital and proper roles of government.

They call American web sites “right wing” and yet the socialist man from “Labour’ is not called left wing (It is important to keep in mind that “right wing” in Europe is very different from the more libertarian “right” in America so Channel 4 just got it wrong).

Another talking head refers to him as “batty” and after calling him all these names and mischaracterizing his position they bring him on to talk about the reasons and facts behind the speech… NOPE… but to comment on the “mysterious” popularity of it.

The man from Labour then starts making all sorts of personal attacks and name calling. The “moderator” from Channel 4 does not stop it and does not invite Daniel Hannan to respond to such nonsense. 


This is refreshing. Here is Dan Hannan on FNC. He is shocked that Fox News is treating him like he is a human being. He said yesterday on FNC that he would never get asked good questions on any British TV. Here Hannan delivers a fabulous one liner:

“It’s common sense when you are in debt you spend less. Anyone but a politician can see this.”

UPDATE: I have been going through all his speeches and now I understand why the left and the British press are so desperate to smear this man…. he is gooooooood. This speech short speech (about the EU Decleration of Rights is useless because structurally the EU is fundementally unresponsive to the people) is like music. Give it a listen.

One Response to “Surprise: British Press Smearing Daniel Hannan”

  1. Stephen A. said

    I loved this speech! What an inspiration.

    I’ve put together an Electronic Book collection of 51 of his speeches in the European Parliament (and in them, he continuously stands up for economic and personal freedoms!) It’s being sold for a very reasonable price here:

    I wish American politicians spoke like this! Maybe they will be inspired to do so.

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