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Government report shows where the machine guns the Mexican drug cartels use are coming from (and it’s not the USA) – UPDATE: Fox News reports 83% of drug cartel guns could not be traced to U.S.

Posted by iusbvision on March 31, 2009

UPDATE – FNC investigated this story and using ATF Firearm traces discovered that 83% of siezed guns could not be traced to American gun stores. – LINK 

OUR TAKE – We told ya HERE when the story first appeared that it was BS.

*******Original Story*******

CNN on Lou Dobbs at 7pm has told the truth about this issue, but CNN at other times shows you pictures of machine guns and tells you that they are being bought at gun shows and gun stores across the USA.

It’s a lie, machine guns are not sold by gun stores and gun shows and haven’t been for decades. The only way to purchase one is from a Class 3 firearms dealer and there are very few of those and each transaction is strictly regulated by the ATF.

We previously covered this story HERE. But some great work by the JustMyTruth blog has discovered a government report that tells us exactly where the machine guns are coming from.

Here is the report –

In short the report makes it clear that arms are coming from Colombian Communist Rebels known as FARC. FARC is funded by Hugo Chavez. Hmmm no wonder the left wants to blame American gun owners and not the guy that the far left so often defends. Here is an excerpt:


Mexico’s drug trafficking and alien smuggling networks have expanded their criminal activities aimed at the United States by capitalizing on the explosive growth of transborder commerce under NAFTA and the attendant growth in human and merchandise traffic between Mexico and the United States. The growth in trans-border commerce, as manifested in soaring levels of overland passenger and commercial vehicle traffic, has provided an ever-expanding “haystack” in which the “needles” of illicit narcotics and illegal aliens can be more easily concealed.

During the late 1990s, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) clandestine arms smuggling and drug trafficking established a partnership with the Tijuana-based Arellano Felix Organization (AFO).

Statements by high-ranking Mexican officials prior to and following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks indicate that one or more Islamic extremist organizations has sought to establish a presence in Mexico.

The report  goes into much more detail about arms smuggling to the Mexican drug cartels by FARC.

Here is CNN on Lou Dobbs getting it right:

And here is NRA VP Wayne LaPierre blasting CNN for running these faked stories which CNN is still running:

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