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Julie Limbaugh on her own intolerance & the intolerance of the left.

Posted by iusbvision on April 1, 2009

Julie Limbaugh has a piece at She is the lefty Limbaugh who admits that she doesn’t really listen to his show and hates Ann Coulter although while admitting that she has never read her books and hasn’t listened to her either. Julie also complains about the intolerance of the left and how she had to avoid leftist professors in fear of having them tank her grade just because of her last name.

Our friend RW Sparkle has a nice analysis piece that pretty much says what we were planning to say about the piece. So here is en excerpt of what Sparkle (who is a hugely popular and influential blogger) had to say; be sure to visit her site and see the rest:

Julie Limbaugh, Rush’s cousin has a piece at Salon.

It’s a well written piece where she whines about how she is treated as a “Limbaugh” by those oh so tolerant liberals who don’t even realize that she actually doesn’t’ agree with Rush (she wants to make that very very clear). How is she treated? Rudely, of course.

In her piece she accidentally reveals two things. One is that Rush is really the nice generous person those of us who do like him hope that he is.

Second, that she is a typical liberal. She hates Ann Coulter although she has never read any of her books or listened to anything she has to say. She bases it all on the media’s perception of Ann. At least Julie admits that and realizes this:

“And suddenly I realize that I have become the person I can’t stand.”

I am assuming the “person she can’t stand” is one who judges people before she knows them. One who is so closed minded that she cannot bring herself to actually listen to her cousin Rush on the radio, and maybe open her mind to the possibility that he might have some great ideas (but of course she listens to Jon Stewart).

Julie is a good writer and she realizes some of her flaws, but not all.

One Response to “Julie Limbaugh on her own intolerance & the intolerance of the left.”

  1. Arik said

    I wish I could look her in the eye. You, Julie, write as if you care for your family, yet you write “upon which Ann Coulter is perched”, as if she in an animal. Did you mother not teach you that anyone, even those who are not ensnared in your ideology, are family when the sit at your table during thanksgiving?

    You, Julie, share the intimate way Rush treats his family on Thanksgiving, and betray his trust. You, Julie, share his travel accommodations, and betray his trust. You share of his relationships, and betray his trust. All with an underlying hatred.

    You make me sick.

    [That may be a little far, but she does come across as a bit of an immature ingrate doesn’t she? – Editor]

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