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Lobbyists Find Plenty of Work as Clients Contend for Stimulus Package’s Billions

Posted by iusbvision on April 3, 2009

Hmmm, it is the exact opposite thing that Obama said would happen during his administration.

Lobbyists will get money for the politicians campaigns and give them what ever goodies that can get away with and politicians will spend money and generate pork earmarks back to the lobbyists clients. Once again, as with many things in the Obama administration, the change we got was just more of the same, but on steroids.

Washington Post:

Last month, just before Valentine’s Day, business at Holland & Knight was so slow that the law firm laid off more than 240 lawyers and staff, victims of the economic downturn that has dented Washington’s reputation for being recession-proof.

But one area of the multi-service firm was thriving. Rich Gold, head of the firm’s public policy and regulation practice, was hiring more than a dozen lobbyists, bringing his federal lobbying team to about 70, every one of them scrambling to stay on top of provisions and changes in the mammoth economic recovery package that was barreling through Congress. They were handling about 240 clients, including 50 new ones, all eager to win a portion of the stimulus that President Obama wanted passed.

“On the legal side of things, we’ve done our share of downsizing because of the economy, because of reduced demand,” said Gold, the firm’s chief lobbyist. “But on the policy side . . . we’re picking up a couple clients a week at this point.”

Put another way, Main Street’s gloom has been K Street’s boon.

The $787 billion stimulus package — along with an ambitious new federal budget, bank bailouts and the beginning of a regulatory overhaul — has succeeded in stimulating the economy along Washington’s avenue of influence. In the months since the November election, more than 2,000 cities, companies and associations have hired lobbyists to help them push their agendas on Capitol Hill and at the White House, easily outpacing such numbers after the previous two elections, according to disclosure records.

Nearly every industry and every corner of the country has an issue, especially with so much money at stake.

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