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Dan Hannan on BBC Media Bias

Posted by iusbvision on April 4, 2009

After American television, the BBC’s bellicosity is quite a shock

By: Daniel Hannan at Apr 3, 2009

I suppose this is what it must feel like to be a Leftie on the BBC. You’re listened to politely, you’re allowed to develop your arguments, your assertions are not automatically greeted by incredulous leers.

For the past week, I’ve been doing radio and television interviews in numerous Anglosphere countries. The presenters aren’t sycophantic (well, alright, some of the ones on Fox News seem pretty pleased to see me); but neither are they belligerent. They start from the premise that, if you’ve bothered to have someone on your show, you might as well let him make his point. They don’t ask a question and then interrupt before you’ve started answering.

You start getting used to it after a while, and going back to the Beeb is quite a shock. My local BBC television news in the South East asked me such questions as “aren’t you just a nasty old Tory” and “Haven’t you got anything positive to say?”

On balance, I think I prefer the BBC approach: undeferential, savage, Swiftian – in keeping, in short, with our national character. But it would be nice if, just occasionally, they treated Lib Dems and Euro-integrationists this way.

One Response to “Dan Hannan on BBC Media Bias”

  1. Cassandrina said

    The BBC bais toward this incompetent government is almost unwavering which only reveals that they believe many of their jobs are on the line if a new government is formed next year. But they do have gold plated pensions, not like most of the UK.

    Watch them advocate a Lab-Lib pact toward the end of this year when the situation for NuLabor gets worse.

    [Thanks so much for reading IUSB Vision!! How is Sky News over there, is it any good?? – Editor]

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