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Phoenix Police Raid Homes of Blogger & Officer who Spoke Out.

Posted by iusbvision on April 4, 2009

Dirty cops is never a fun thing to report about, but it has to be done because police are usually sources for reporters and reporters do not want to burn those sources even if the cops are bad. That is one of the reason who we report on these stories.

The Phoenix Police Department raided the homes of a blogger and an officer of the department who spoke out. They took all of their computers and equipment and in an effort to find out who is leaking apparently accurate information and documents to them that the police department has found highly embarrassing. One of the documents obtained by Channel 5 News is an email from a high ranking police officer saying that they need to give some payback against the officer who spoke out against them.

The blogger is filing a civil rights lawsuit against the police department.

Channel 5 Pheonix Video Link HERE:

Police Raid Homes Of Department Critics

Peter Busch
  PHOENIX — They spoke out against the city’s top cops. Now, two Phoenix men have been slapped with simultaneous search warrants.

One of them is a 13-year veteran of the police department..

Officer Dave Barnes helped shine a light on cases where the crime lab either chose not to test, or delayed testing of key pieces of evidence.

E-mails show that for the past year and a half, department officials have threatened to retaliate.

“Mark my words, if Dave is dealt with, others will think twice about lab bashing,” wrote Assistant Chief Tracy Montgomery in an e-mail dated Oct. 16, 2007.

A Phoenix police representative declined to comment on why Barnes’ home was searched by a team of detectives last week.   …   The other search warrant was on the house of a Valley man who runs a Web site critical of the Phoenix Public Safety Manager Jack Harris.

“They’re looking for any and all information about cops, good cops in Phoenix who give us information about the wrongdoings of Jack Harris and people in his management team,” said the man who asked to be identified only as Jeff.

Jeff says almost all the tips for his Web site,, come from anonymous sources, and he doesn’t know if Dave Barnes is one of those sources.

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