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Media Bias You Can Believe in IV: MSNBC and the “All Pro-Gunners Are ‘Dangerous’ and Freaky Angle.” – NEW UPDATE!

Posted by iusbvision on April 7, 2009

After watching the video and reading the post please see below for an update to this story!!

Please watch this video carefully and continue reading below.

Watch how the “objective news man” is allowed the far left guy to make a nuanced points yet when Allen Gottlieb will not allow the “objective news guy” to couch his answer in the “objective news guy’s” premise he is interrupted, talked over and badgered.

The  “objective news guy” says give me an exact quote from an elected official of the administration that they want to ban ALL guns. This is a false choice because the problem is that many anti-gun advocates want to ban everything but low powered single shot rifles for example:

Ban handguns, ban semi-autos because they mischaracterize them as machine guns, hunting rifles become ‘sniper rifles’ ..ban them, .22 long rifle is too hard to check ballistics on ban it, and shotguns are just like machine guns because they shoot more than one projectile with each pull of the trigger, large bore rifles become “elephant guns that no legitimate hunter needs” and that would ban most old style lever action guns etc. With just these provisions that seem so ‘reasonable’ you would have banned almost every gun except low power single shot rifles.

So no…. not ALL guns. So the  “objective news guy” tries to push a false choice argument on Gottlieb; false choice creates the situation ‘its either THIS extreme or your all wrong or a liar’.

When Gottlieb tries to point out that Attorney General Eric Holder authored a Supreme Court brief saying that no one has a right to bear arms (LINK) the “objective news guy” speaks over him.

Even though the clip above is from MSNBC – this clip from the same network shows Obama to have lied about the issue. Maybe this is why MSNBC got rid of Dan Abrams’ show in spite of the fact that his show was going up in ratings.

This video shows Obama lying about the recently struck down DC handgun ban he previously supported.  

Of course, the elitism and condescension that Obama has voiced towards gun owners became more clear with this …

So while the “objective news guy” tried to make a false picture that the administration is not hostile to gun ownership, he is also aware of this, which he didn’t want you to know:

Fact :Obama voted to allow the prosecution of citizens who use a firearm for self-defense in the home.
Illinois Senate, S.B. 2165. 3/25/04

Fact :Obama has supported banning hundreds of rifles and shotguns commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.
Illinois Senate Debate #3: Barack Obama vs. Alan Keyes, 10 / 21 / 0 4

Fact :Obama voted to allow reckless lawsuits designed to put the firearms industry out of business.
S.397, vote 219, 7/ 29/ 05

Fact :Obama voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.
S.397, vote 217, 7/29/05

How about Glenn Beck, who MSNBC did a nice editing smear job on in the clip? MSNBC frequently takes a snippet and creates a context around it that is not an accurate portrayal of the editing victims’ point.

When the clip is viewed in full, you see that Beck’s primary point is that he was wrong when he said that Obama was pushing socialism, what Obama is pushing is Corporatism. Corporatism is when private business keeps the form and structure of capitalism, but through regulation and fear of government reprisal it is the government who calls the shots in those businesses, as a result three things happen:

1. Instead of running the best business with the best products and services, the goal becomes lobbying, manipulating, buying the politicians and regulators to make decisions that favor that business over others. In essence the government pics winners and losers.

2. What ever the government or a politician wants to do, big business pretends to be all for it because bucking the government can lead to reprisal can lead to your stock price tanking.

3. Government assumes the power to interfere in established legal contracts outside of the bankruptcy process which the government has asked Congress for the power to do, in spite of a strict constitutional provision banning such a law.

What is going on now with the banks, GM, and the other powers that the Administration is asking Congress for are near textbook examples of Corporatism. It is not a widely studied subject but Corporatism is the economic model used by Mussolini and Hitler and that is why Glenn Beck was using that snippet of video and he explained all of this in some detail.

Imagine the impression a layman might have after watching that MSNBC clip above. Is the narrative  and feelings generated by that video an accurate representation of reality. This is a perfect case of propaganda strategy called “attitude change propaganda theory” and what that means is that the propagandist does not give you all of the facts, he gives you only some of the facts and those facts are delivered with an attitude or spin. The propagandist than uses that to create a false narrative over the highly spun partial facts you have been given to generate the desired response by the person viewing the propaganda. Most journalism schools teach how this type of propaganda works and MSNBC uses it to polarize the electorate in an attempt to gain economically from one side of that electorate.

UPDATE – CNN tries the exact same tactic on Allen Gottlieb the next day – but this time Gottlieb was ready for it. Mr. “objective news guy” sets up the narrative that conservatives and everyone it FNC is a frothing at the mouth hate monger and when the “objective news guy” launches into Allen Gottlieb and demands with great indignation that he show the evidence, Gottlieb starts out with Obama’s voting record and begins to list that evidence. When Mr. “objective news guy” realizes he was about to get served he blares in with….wait for it….this is priceless……

CNN to Conservative: Is that all the proof you have, the (voting) record?  

More from News Busters HERE.

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