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Daughter of laid-off worker: Obama where is the help you promised in the campaign?

Posted by iusbvision on April 8, 2009


The biggest problem is the United States right now is the housing and mortgage industry. The government promised with the first bailout to buy up troubled mortgages so they could renegotiate with home owners and buy them some time. As soon as the government got the money from Congress they decided not to help the people and used the money to take control of the banks. Now between Treasury, Congress and the Federal Reserve we have spent 12.8 trillion buying bank stock to get control of the banks, in the meantime it is April and people have still received no help at all.


SPOKANE, Wash. – Two Washington state girls took their plea straight to President Obama after their dad was laid off from his job.

The two mailed a letter to the president at the White House after watching their father, Henry, struggle to find a new job. Now they’re about to lose their home.

It’s a simple letter – asking for help.

“My name is Lilian Deck and my sister and I live in Spokane,” the girls’ letter begins. “We would like to ask you a question – where is the help you promised in your campaign?”

The letter is signed by Lilian, 13, and her 10-year-old sister Daleen.

“My father doesn’t want a handout, he wants a job,” the letter says. “He has sent out over 300 resumes with no luck.”

Then Lilian adds, “And we know that because we’ve had to lick the envelopes.”

Henry Deck lost his job a year ago, and on Sunday he’ll lose his home to foreclosure.

“Tomorrow my house goes up on the auction block,” said Henry Deck.

So his daughters, in desperation, sent their letter to the president.

“Why do you and the Congress keep failing this country over and over?” says the girls’ letter, which rips Obama’s stimulus plan for helping banks and big business – before helping families like theirs.

“We didn’t have a subprime mortgage – we had a regular mortgage,” says Henry Deck. “When we went and asked for help, there is none. We don’t fall in the guidelines.”

“I made too much money two years ago – I don’t make enough now. We just fell through the cracks,” he says.

Now his two girls are living the reality of the recession.

“I’m most worried about where we’re going to live – where we will live and how will we,” says Henry Deck. “If I lose my house I may lose my children, too.”

Henry Deck says he is most frustrated by potential employers who say they can’t afford him because he’s overqualified.

Now Deck is praying for a last-minute miracle.

“I don’t know – they may be living out of our car,” he says.

The girls are hoping their letter will bring some kind of help.

“Mr. President – may God bless you and the United States and help you do the right things for this country,” their letter says.

So far the Decks haven’t gotten a response to their letter.


2 Responses to “Daughter of laid-off worker: Obama where is the help you promised in the campaign?”

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  2. Winghunter said

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