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IUSB Vision’s Answer to Piracy: Do what Jefferson Did. Kill Them.

Posted by iusbvision on April 8, 2009

For the first time in nearly 200 years an ship flying an American Flag has been boarded by pirates. There is a reason that pirates have stayed clear of American ships for so long. The reason is just this simple. When pirates got out of control the policy of the United States has been to deal with them where ever we find them. In 1802 Thomas Jefferson sent the Navy and the Marines to make an example of the Islamic Barbary Pirates.

Now the good part, the American crew overpowered the armed pirates and retook the ship, unfortunately the pirates have the captain in a lifeboat and are negotiating for ransom.

Now the bad part. News reports say international law prohibits merchant vessels from carrying guns…..HOW STUPID IS THAT?

This is a test for this administration that showed so much weakness in the European tour. The United States needs to announce that we are going to arm our merchant vessels with .30 and .50 caliber guns and when one of these little pirate boats tries to run up on one of ours on the high seas they need to be gunned down and sunk. 

Weakness in this matter will only result in more piracy.

Maybe the administration can find some “moderate pirates” to talk to, which may prove almost as successful as their efforts to find “moderate Taliban”.

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