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ACORN Dirty Tricks at San Antonio Tea Party

Posted by iusbvision on April 16, 2009

UPDATE – For more on ACORN agitators at tea parties click HERE.

ACORN – yes the vote registration fraud and bank fraud people who are funded by Congress (your tax dollars) and the super rich of the far left like George Soros tried to disrupt the San Antonio Tea Party by trying to manipulate the police.

Alamo City Pundit:

acorn-eventstaff1In response SAPD began to get complaints from official-looking people all dressed in dark shirts and khaki-colored pants wearing shirts that said “STAFF” or “EVENT STAFF” that were turning in certifiedvendors for “causing problems.”  Several vendors were question and in one case manhandled by SAPD before the cops noticed these “EVENT STAFF” personnel had quietly slipped away into the crowd to try and cause more mischief.

2 Responses to “ACORN Dirty Tricks at San Antonio Tea Party”

  1. DagneyT said

    I saw those guys before it started, but not after it got going! Wish I’d known who they were at the time!

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