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CNN shows brazen contempt towards Tea Party protestors, NBC uses lewd sexual terms to describe them.

Posted by iusbvision on April 16, 2009

UPDATE –  CNN’s Fox bashing Susan Roesgen applied for a job at Fox News Channel twice – LINK.

Here is Susan Roesgen from CNN and here is a prime example of why CNN is now dead last in the ratings. It is amusing how CNN says the protests are about being “anti-CNN”. The first rule of journalism is “don’t make the story about you, make it about them”. I am beginning to wonder what poor excuse for a J-school did they go to. As a subscriber to Columbia Journalism Review, Columbia J-School is leading the way towards abolishing journalism ethics and standards. Of course, IU Bloomington’s J-School has been a laughing stock recently as well (LINK).

CNN had the original video removed, but Fox News replayed the clip and at the end Brent Bozell, the head of the Media Research Center, has a very pointed analysis. –

But how did CNN’s Susan Roesgen report far left protesters dressing up images of President Bush in Nazi imagery? –

Here is the raw video of Susan Roesgen the MRC referred to showing President Bush in Nazi imagery.  –

Of course Fox News Shep Smith had a little fun with CNN over this.

I would like to show you what NBC did, but the sexual nature of their comments are of such a nature where we cannot post it here. Needless to say it was of the nature of the kind of sexual name calling not unheard of from public junior high schoolers. If you need to see it the MRC covers it HERE.

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