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It’s the Palin Stay at Home Sexist Double Standard

Posted by iusbvision on April 17, 2009

Look, here is the latest “SHUT-UP” argument against Sarah Palin. (Via News Busters):

New twist on the old media double standard: Strong pro-life women shouldn’t accept far-flung speaking engagements. They should stay home (presumably barefoot and pregnant, too.) Strong pro-choice women, however, are welcome to “champion women’s rights,” wherever and whenever they please.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently gave a speech at a pro-life dinner in Indiana on April 16 and the media condemned her for not staying home and governing her state. But when U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently spoke to a Planned Parenthood group she was lauded as “championing women’s rights.”

ABC’s “Good Morning America” covered Palin’s speech and the “controversy” that ensued, stating that Alaska lawmakers, failing to mention they were mostly Democrats, are “criticizing Palin for her out of state travel.”  Instead of focusing on Palin’s main pro-life points, GMA spent 50 seconds of the 64 second segment keyed in on her admission that she understands women who entertain the thought of abortion.

The mistreatment of Sarah Palin by the mainstream media is nothing new as CMI has noted the character assassination she suffered at the hands of the networks during her run for Vice President.

By the way, at the time of this posting Palin has attended all of TWO out of state political events since the election. She has turned down thousands of invitations. Where was the outcry at Obama for such low attendance in the Senate when he ran for office? Where was the critique of Bill Clinton or Michael Dukakis when they were governors who ran for office? Its the old stay barefoot and pregnant in the home argument again and it is so well entrenched that leftist women are carrying water for it.

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How to spot an ACORN agitator at a Tea Party

Posted by iusbvision on April 17, 2009

ACORN gets hundreds of millions of dollars from Congress and gets donations from wealthy Democratic donors (LINKLINK). They also work with campaigns and with ringers in the elite media. They often come in on a chartered bus as they did at the San Antonio Tea Party and as they did at the AIG protests.

Because they are so well funded the production value of their signs and uniforms are pretty high. Their messages are often designed by PR and advertising professionals and will have a message that can be used or twisted to smear YOU. Continue reading below for examples and a photo of an ACORN agitator at a tea party.

In San Antonio ACORN showed up in t-shirts like these and started asking Police to go after people who were supposed to be there and tried to get them taken away for “causing problems”.

As we told you IN OUR PREVIOUS POST on this subject:

acorn-eventstaff1San Antonio PD began to get complaints from official-looking people all dressed in dark shirts and khaki-colored pants wearing shirts that said “STAFF” or “EVENT STAFF” that were turning in certified vendors for “causing problems.” Several vendors were question and in one case manhandled by SAPD before the cops noticed these “EVENT STAFF” personnel had quietly slipped away into the crowd to try and cause more mischief.






Take a close look at the signs and clothing at these ACORN and SEIU funded and orchestrated protests:

ACORN LA Protest

ACORN LA Protest

The signs are not cheap to have made.  Look at all the satellite trucks from the media at this tiny protest:

LA AIG ACORN Protest Media

LA AIG ACORN Protest Media


AIG SEIU ACORN Seattle Protest

AIG SEIU ACORN Seattle Protest

ACORN on Tea Party day.

ACORN on Tea Party day.


See the production value of those signs and that reality check in the picture wasn’t cheap to produce. The media presents these top down paid agitators as “grass roots”.

Now look at the signs from genuine Tea Party protestors (click to enlarge):
















As you can see almost every sign is home made by hand or on a home PC and 99% of the signs at Tea Parties will be like these. At some of the largest protests some liberty outfits provided a few signs that said “We The People” that had some good production value and there were only a few of those.

ACORN agitators will have signs of high production value and will try to “blend in” with a racially charged sign and a look that attracts media attention, but real believers are often repulsed by such people in this picture here. This photo is being farmed out to left wing blogs. It hit their message boards almost all at once. They are presenting this photo as “typical” of a Tea Party protester.

ACORN Plant at Tea Party

ACORN agitator at Tea Party

Look at this guy with the professionally produced sign. Look at the reference to the show “In Living Color” which featured all black comedians; thus the not so subtle tie in with where Obama’s father is from and a racism angle. This message was carefully thought out with obvious advertising association techniques. Also notice how only one guy is standing near this agitator and how he has these big signs that are not on sticks so his sign provided the perfect contrast and focal point against the dark grass for a photographer.Putting this sign on a stick in the sky would not have made for a good clear photo and other legit signs may have drawn a viewers eye.  Surprise surprise, this picture has been farmed to far left blogs as “typical” of what was seen at the tea parties. The truth is that Tea Party organizers would have asked the police to ask this joker to leave on the spot; so they come in get their photo op and leave. If you see anyone with a sign like this ask them to leave and get the attention of a police officer immediately.

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