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After DHS claims that veterans, pro-lifers and other main stream voters are would be terrorists, FBI moves animal rights leftist to terrorist most wanted list.

Posted by iusbvision on April 21, 2009

Remember our story on the DHS report HERE when we said that the far left like eco-terrorists and animal rights wackos were the ones doing violence such as the attacks on science labs and car dealerships? Well now we have this and I must say that I find the timing so amusing :-)

Fox News:

FBI Adds Berkeley ‘Animal Rights Extremist’ to ‘Most Wanted’ Terrorist List

An “animal rights extremist” from Berkeley, Calif., was added to the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list of terror suspects, federal agents said Tuesday.Daniel Andreas San Diego, a 31-year-old computer specialist, has been on the run since 2003 and is wanted in two bombings that year of corporate offices in California, said Michael J. Heimbach, an assistant director of the FBI’s counterrorism division.

“He is a known animal rights extremist,” Heimbach told reporters Tuesday at a Washington, D.C., news conference.

He added that San Diego set an improvised explosive device in the bombings that caused “extensive property damage and economic hardship.”

“The investigation revealed that metal nails were used in the construction of the device to create a more forceful effect,” Heimbach said.

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