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RASMUSSEN POLL: Independents overwhelmingly believe Obama damaged national security 65%-23%.

Posted by iusbvision on April 24, 2009

This sorta speaks for itself.

  • 58% said the Obama administration should not investigate the Bush administration on interrogations, while only 28% wanted investigations.  Democrats split evenly on the question, 42%-42%, and only 22% of independents wanted investigations.  Only self-professed liberals approved of investigations, and only by a 58%-31% majority.

  • Similar numbers appear on whether Obama damaged or enhanced American security with this release.  Democrats actually lean towards damage by a tiny margin, 41%-40%, while independents overwhelmingly believe Obama damaged national security, 65%-23%.

  • None of the age or gender demographics give Obama an approval rating on these two questions above 37%.  Every single age and gender demographic believes by a wide majority that Obama damaged national security and should not conduct investigations into torture allegations from the previous administration.

  • Only the under-$20K demographic has a majority believing that Obama should investigate the Bush administration.  Every other income demographic believes otherwise, by solid majorities.  Every income demographic believes by significant majorities that the release of the memos damaged national security except the under-$20K demo, which holds that view by plurality (39%-35%).
  • One Response to “RASMUSSEN POLL: Independents overwhelmingly believe Obama damaged national security 65%-23%.”

    1. Investigating the previous administration would require tremendous amounts of time and money. While the Bush administration may have behaved badly, I believe our time and money should be spent on finding solutions for our health care crisis, improving our education system, creating jobs in this country, keeping people in their homes, and balancing our budget.

      [Instead, this government is using these problems not to help the folks, but to expand their own power. – Editor]

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