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Miss California Pageant Officials to Miss California: Shut up and strut it baby

Posted by iusbvision on April 27, 2009

Be sure to see our first story on this issue HERE.

Sexism is alive and well among the secular left. We saw that in the treatment of Hillary Clinton, we saw much more of it with the treatment of Sarah Palin, now this:


Prejean, 21, said officials from the Miss California USA pageant were worried that her comments would cost their contest financial backing and tried to prepare her for a string of post-pageant media interviews by discouraging her from discussing her religious beliefs.

“`You need to apologize to the gay community. You need to not talk about your faith. This has everything to do with you representing California and saving the brand,'” Prejean recalled being told. “I was representing California. I was representing the majority of people in California.”

She offered her version of the tense hours following the April 19 Miss USA pageant while appearing at the San Diego megachurch that has helped shape her views. The Rock Church, founded by former San Diego Chargers defensive back Miles McPherson, was active in the campaign to pass a constitutional ban on gay marriages in California last year.

Don’t talk about your faith? Apologize for what you believe? Be something that your not? This tells us so much about that pageant that is run by those who claim a monopoly on tolerance; it’s not about the combination of character, talent and loveliness, its shut up put on the bikini and bat your eyes at our sponsors for money….. sickening.

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