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Hannan Gets It.

Posted by iusbvision on May 19, 2009

Its called the democratic process stupid.

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Coulter: Professors and Administrators at Notre Dame should take a lie detector to find out of they really believe in God

Posted by iusbvision on May 19, 2009

While Ann makes her point in the typical edgy way Ann often does she makes a valid point; this is a matter of truth in advertising. ND purports itself to be the Catholic University and it is just not. Professors and administrators there very often are those undermining Christian and Catholic teachings while taking 50 grand a year from the parents of students to do so. For example. do professors at Notre Dame like Teresa Ghilarducci teach real economics or neo-marxist nonsense? Having debated Ghilarducci I watched her abandon precepts that are economic staples in favor of politically motivated, far left political mumbo-jumbo that empowers government and keeps you poorer. ND’s decline started under Father Hesburgh who was very comfortable in the company of radicalized secular leftists. I have worked at the university and have many friends there. I have seen the results of much of this first hand.

My message to the Bishops and the Catholic Church: Notre Dame is a key component of your brand and your identity. The church has already had several scandals that have done great damage to the Catholic brand. Notre Dame is damaging it further still. Either get control of it, shut it down, or have the university officially abandon Catholic teaching as a matter of policy so that students and parents are no longer being misled about the product they are buying.

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