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Obama Uses FCC to Start War on Talk Radio and Free Speech

Posted by iusbvision on June 15, 2009

Dick Morris:

The opening barrage in Obama’s efforts to reign in talk radio was fired by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week when its acting chairman, Michael J. Copps, announced an investigation of Arbitron’s radio measuring technology called the Portable People Meter. (Not to be confused with the Purple People Eater celebrated in song in the 1950s.)

Arbitron is the company tasked with rating radio listenership. The equivalent of the Neilson television ratings, its measurements of audience share are revered like Scripture by station managers, owners and advertisers. Traditionally, Arbitron relied on handwritten diaries. Since the diaries were based on memory, they were often faulty. So Arbitron availed itself of new technology in launching its Portable People Meter (PPM) — a cell phone-sized unit the listener wears on his or her belt that automatically notes what station they are tuning in and when they switch or stop.

The PPM measurements concluded that hip-hop, urban rock and minority-oriented radio stations reached fewer listeners and for shorter periods of time than the diaries had indicated. It found that talk radio had a larger listenership.

The left saw an ideological bias at work, and the states of New York and New Jersey sued Arbitron alleging discrimination in its choice of the sample charged with wearing the PPMs.

It said that the ratings agency, which presumably recruited its sample by phone, was under-representing people without land lines who used only cell phones and hence undercounted minorities.

Now the FCC is launching its own investigation.

But almost all political polling is done by telephone, and samples cannot include cell phones because one cannot determine the residence of the user from the number. Since survey researchers draw their samples geographically, they do not know which cell phone numbers are for which neighborhoods. (Land lines distribute the first three numbers of an exchange geographically).

If Arbitron is flawed, so is all polling, political and otherwise. The accuracy of most polling in predicting election results suggests that the flaws cannot be too bad.

What is really at work here is an effort by the FCC to stack the deck to help left-wing and minority stations earn higher advertising revenues than those to which their real market share would entitle them. Solicitous of the financial viability of its liberal allies on radio and anxious to undermine the balance sheets of conservative stations, the FCC is lending itself to the president’s political agenda.

This investigation is, of course, only the first shot of the war against conservative radio. Soon, the FCC will try to strip right-wing stations of their licenses or impose fines on them payable to National Public Radio. In our forthcoming book, “Catastrophe,” we explain how this offensive will work and what will be its likely consequences.

But the opening salvo has been fired by the FCC, which is willingly lending itself to stations with Democratic bias in an effort to swell their advertising revenues and to stop the growth of talk radio. Because the FCC will do much more to try to destroy the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mark Levin and Neil Boortz, we must be vigilant if we hope to keep free speech alive, even if it comes from the right side of the stage.

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UK Times: UN Workers Steal Food from the Starving

Posted by iusbvision on June 15, 2009

UK Times:

One of the UN’s largest international relief efforts is under investigation after it emerged that thousands of sacks of food aid were being diverted from starving refugees and openly sold for profit.

The head of the UN’s $955 million (£580 million) aid operation in Somalia has launched an inquiry after being shown footage showing tonnes of food bearing the World Food Programme (WFP) logo widely on qA–sale in Mogadishu, the capital.

Stacks of bags of maize and wheat and tins of cooking oil — marked “not for re-sale” and bearing the UN stamp — are on sale from ten warehouses and 15 shops in the city’s main market.

About 45,000 tonnes of WFP food are shipped to Somalia from Kenya every month. Mogadishu traders told Channel 4 News that they bought their supplies straight from UN staff. “We buy [food] aid from WFP staff directly or from people they employ,” one market trader said.

“They take us to the warehouses used by the WFP and let us load our lorries. The goods are freely available and you can buy as much as you like, but we usually buy no more than 500 to 1,000 sacks at a time. Just a tonne or half a tonne a day can be shifted more discreetly.”

Hat tip Hotair.

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Obama administration calls Indiana Pension Fund attorney a “terrorist” for protecting their car company bonds.

Posted by iusbvision on June 15, 2009

The Obama Administration wants to ignore the law and cheat secured bond holders in nationalized car companies by not allowing them to get paid back withion the terms of the law so he can illegally funnel more money to unsecured union stock holders. One of those secured bond holders who the administration tried to cheat is the Indiana Pension Fund. The State of Indiana sued to uphold the law. comments:

When we last left the negotiations between Chrysler’s senior bondholders and Barack Obama’s auto task force, Thomas Lauria and his clients alleged that the government used intimidation tactics and threatened to sic the White House press corps on individuals if they didn’t give up their rights to allow the unions to win in the bankruptcy. Congress took an interest in this”madman” theory of the Presidency and got access to some e-mails floating between the task force and an analyst.  Rep, Steven LaTourette (R-OH) reads from the e-mails, in which the auto task force calls Lauria — their attorney — a “terrorist” and refuses to negotiate after a Chrylser expert consulted him:

Ms Underestimated writes:

The important part comes at the end: an email exchange between Matthew Feldman, attorney on the President’s Auto Task Force, and Robert Manzo, Chrysler restructuring expert. Manzo is basically pleading to further negotiate to prevent bankruptcy, but Feldman is having none of it. Here is the exchange:

Robert Manzo, Chrysler restructuring expert: “I hope you think it’s worth giving this one more shot.”

Matthew Feldman, attorney on the President’s Auto Task Force: “I’m now not talking to you. You went where you shouldn’t.”

Manzo: “Sorry. I didnt’ mean to say the wrong thing and I obviously did. I was trying oto make sure that if we had to contribute to the solution you knew we had some room. Sorry I did not realize the mistake!!”

Feldman: “It’s over. The President doesn’t negotiate second rounds. We’ve given and lent billions of dollars so your team could manage this properly….And now you’re telling me to bend over to a terrorist like Lauria? That’s B.S.”

A terrorist like Lauria? Lauria represented a teacher’s pension fund in Indiana (among other bondholders), and had the temerity to insist that the government follow contract law.  I may be no fan of lawyers, but I don’t call them terrorists.  Apparently the White House has another view of lawyers, especially when they insist that the government follow the law.

In this process, we see which side tried to terrorize the other, and it wasn’t Lauria’s.

Hotair and Missunderestimated could not have explained this better.

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Car dealerships being closed that are profitable are owned by mostly GOP donors.

Posted by iusbvision on June 15, 2009

A large portion of the list of GOP donors being targeted is HERE.

The B-Cast did its afternoon show on this subject HERE (video).

Democrat Barney Frank the Chair of the House Bank & Finance Committee used his influence to stop a dealership from being closed in his district.

Of those dealerships being close 90% gave to Republicans, 10% gave to Democrats.

Former Clinton Chief of Staff Mac Maclarty who owns a large chaion of dealerships had none ordered closed. Eight of McClarty’s competitors were shut down.

Many of those dealerships were given days to sell their intire inventory ot have no warranty on any cars they have left. GM/Chrysler are also trying to impose a gag order on these dealerships to intimidate them into not talking with the media. – Video:

GOP members of Congress who have family that own dealerships are getting notices that they will be shut down in spite of being profitable link HERE.

This video is from when the story was young and at the beginning of the investigation:

Gretchen Carlson on profitable car dealerships being shut down.

Glann Beck, Gretchen Carlson, and Judge Napolitano on the extremely nasty tactics that are being used against these dealerships.  Part I:

Part II:

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