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Car dealerships being closed that are profitable are owned by mostly GOP donors.

Posted by iusbvision on June 15, 2009

A large portion of the list of GOP donors being targeted is HERE.

The B-Cast did its afternoon show on this subject HERE (video).

Democrat Barney Frank the Chair of the House Bank & Finance Committee used his influence to stop a dealership from being closed in his district.

Of those dealerships being close 90% gave to Republicans, 10% gave to Democrats.

Former Clinton Chief of Staff Mac Maclarty who owns a large chaion of dealerships had none ordered closed. Eight of McClarty’s competitors were shut down.

Many of those dealerships were given days to sell their intire inventory ot have no warranty on any cars they have left. GM/Chrysler are also trying to impose a gag order on these dealerships to intimidate them into not talking with the media. – Video:

GOP members of Congress who have family that own dealerships are getting notices that they will be shut down in spite of being profitable link HERE.

This video is from when the story was young and at the beginning of the investigation:

Gretchen Carlson on profitable car dealerships being shut down.

Glann Beck, Gretchen Carlson, and Judge Napolitano on the extremely nasty tactics that are being used against these dealerships.  Part I:

Part II:

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