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Video: Hamas Human Shield Tactics

Posted by iusbvision on June 22, 2009

Via IDF:

3 Responses to “Video: Hamas Human Shield Tactics”

  1. Angelo said

    It is important to note that the tactics that are allegedly being utilized are unethical during war and are indicative of weakness. However, one should be aware that the morality of any war tactic is probably more flexible than the morality concerning the treatment of people in a time of peace by their own government. Misconduct in a time of peace is generally worse than misconduct in a time of crisis (such as the current situation in Iran concerning the controlling of protesters while under pressure from an abusive country). Yet, in my opinion, the most vile misconduct is when, in a time of disaster, a nation trespasses against its citizens (such as is the history of America in its slaughter of Katrina survivors). Therefore, the only affect any American involvement can have is one of the recurrent abuse of its own authority.

    [“Slaughter of Katrina Survivors” – are you talking about the old people who were left in nursing homes without care in New Orleans? – Editor]

  2. Angelo said

    “Slaughter of Katrina Survivors” – are you talking about the old people who were left in nursing homes without care in New Orleans? – Editor”

    Not just the old people but also any unnecessary victims of Katrina due to governmental neglect or abuse. Mostly I had in mind the use of lethal military force to maintain order, as that would parallel most readily with the aforementioned scenarios.

    Editor- By the way: I was wondering where I could post a reccomendation for a story/post topic. I think it would be interesting to learn about what are the ties between the abortion and porn industry and how that/they affect(s) the American economy. I think it would be pertinent to the current economic crisis and also to the media, personal, political, governmental, etc. slander of women, as well as to the issues of abortion and women’s rights. Thanks for your consideration.

    [In fairness, while you are correct that government was negligent, it is important to put the situation in perspective. Under our system of federalism the law is designed so that the feds can’t come into a state wholesale, even in a rescue situation, without a request from the governor. No one who wrote the laws anticipated a situation where a governor, in this case Governor Blanco, because of partisan differences, would simply refuse to cooperate with the federal government in the midst of a natural disaster.

    Mayor Nagin, who shares some blame for incompetence himself, said to CNN that he had a meeting with President Bush and Governor Blanco on Air Force One. President Bush had the paper for Gov. Blanco to sign so the feds could render assistance and Blanco said she needed 24 hours to think about it. This was three days into the disaster. Mayor Nagin told CNN “24 hours while my people died.” About 12 hours later President Bush sent in General Honore and the military to render assistance, likely illegally.

    The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army had prepositioned relief convoys just outside of the disaster area that were kept out by state authorities. Some claimed that Blanco worked with the Democratic National Committee to take advantage of people’s ignorance, delay the assistance, and just blame the lack of immediate help on President Bush.

    It should be noted that the federal/state coordination of relief efforts went very well in Texas and Missouri. Missouri took on the brunt of the storm and the storm damage there was much greater.

    As far as the military going in armed, there were reports of armed gangs robbing people so to expect the military to go in unarmed is silly and I am not aware of any reports at all of the military going in there to shoot people.

    One thing of note, the New Orleans Police was ordered by Nagin to go door to door forcibly disarming civilians, the NRA sued and won over that illegal act. I suppose that going after legit civilians is easier than rescue efforts and dealing with armed gangs. – Editor]

  3. Angelo said

    I’m glad you’re more informed on the issue than me. But I thought I remember hearing on the news of [unarmed] civilians being shot for raiding stores. Nevertheless, the point I am making is still valid isn’t it? If you, an American, can justify the actions of your government against its citizens in a situation such as Hurricane Katrina then why can’t or don’t you justify Hamas’ (in war) or the actions of the Iranian government (in a protest); or understand that, on an international and historical scale, Iran’s and Hamas’ actions may be found to be more ethical than America’s even if you or America would disagree. My concern is that American law is attempting to supersede God’s laws and that America’s continual implied allegiance to God is only becoming a tactic to justify their/its misconduct.

    [You have a point, some people in government like to use any crisis to expand/abuse power. – Editor]

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