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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

How is it that Obama was a genius yesterday for not condemning Iranian brutality and tomorrow he’ll be heralded as a genius for condemning it today?

Posted by iusbvision on June 24, 2009 quotes famed writer Jim Treacher in a great post:

A nifty compilation from TPM, although the only moment that rises to true snottiness, I think, is his high-handed reminder that he’s the president in response to the question about McCain. Don’t get mad just because you had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the podium to denounce shooting unarmed women in the heart, champ.

In his defense, he has a right to be testy: His agenda’s collapsing. Exit question via Jim Treacher: How is it that Obama was a genius yesterday for not condemning Iranian brutality and tomorrow he’ll be heralded as a genius for condemning it today? I guess he’s just super-keen on timing, huh? 

And speaking of health care and “Spock like logic”, the government in the “mandated public option” not only is a player in the game with private health insurance companies but is also the referee with a gun. That is why people are concerned that this is just a plan to put health insurers out of business.

George Will has a great column “The stealth single-payer Agenda” about how Obama is proposing a stealth government take over of healthcare:

The Lewin Group estimates that 70 percent of the 172 million persons privately covered might be drawn, or pushed, to the government plan. A significant portion of the children who have enrolled in the State Children’s Health Insurance Program since eligibility requirements were relaxed in February had private insurance.

Assurances that the government plan would play by the rules that private insurers play by are implausible. Government is incapable of behaving like market-disciplined private insurers. Competition from the public option must be unfair because government does not need to make a profit and has enormous pricing and negotiating powers.

The president characteristically denies that he is doing what he is doing — putting the nation on a path to an outcome he considers desirable — just as he denies any intention of running General Motors. Nevertheless, the unifying constant of his domestic policies — their connecting thread — is that they advance the Democrats’ dependency agenda. The party of government aims to make Americans more equal by making them equally dependent on government for more and more things.

The word from sources at AT&T is that they are delaying forming a new contract with their union employees because they are waiting to see if they can dump their health care costs on the government.

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