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Video Comparison: Obama on Iran vs. Reagan on Poland – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on June 24, 2009

Rep. Thad McCotter on Iranian protestors being murdered, Neda, what would Reagan do, and missile defense.

One Response to “Video Comparison: Obama on Iran vs. Reagan on Poland – UPDATED!”

  1. Angelo said

    Iran is a Shia majority country, and if I’m not mistaken, Obama has ties to Sunni muslims. I think America has shown great favoritism to the Sunni agenda and that the election of Obama as an Islam-friendly president was couched in awareness that he would personally favor the Sunnis and be motivated against Shia Iran. Like using a leverage (‘crow’ would be derogatory yet perhaps warranted to show America’s immorality and disrespect toward blacks) bar to achieve the American agenda of favoring Sunnis for whatever political/economical favors America has been reaping [from them or their countries]. I think this scenario would inherently place undue stress on the Iranian and Shia people and make them, and especially their religious leaders, more leary of America and its involvement in their country as well as re-strenghtening any [religious] resistance to a foreign agenda.

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