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ITS ON! Palin announces that she will not seek new term as governor. Guess what comes next!!

Posted by iusbvision on July 3, 2009

Palin has a book to write and a new Washington PAC to run. She also needs to raise money and redefine herself because of the hatchet job the media has done to her.

While Palin has her critics, notice that you don’t see critics talking about Palin’s record as governor, or taking her to task on the policy positions she has taken. If they did they would lose, which is why they just keep tossing insults and smears and unspecific platitudes at her.

My advice to Palin, it is time to do the “maverick” ticket the right way (that means not sabotaging your campaign brand as the McCain campaign did) and position yourself as the experienced corruption fighter who is willing to take on her own party if need be. Get John Bolton on the horn too and see if you can get him on board. Make another call to Dick Morris and have him start making ads for you.

Palin is no fool, she is going to start raising money now, it is no secret that she is a fund raising machine.

Also Palin will not be beholden to what were incompetent communications strategists like Steve Schmidt and others like she was in the last campaign. Expect hostile and grossly unfair media figures to be treated as they deserve to be treated, like political opponents.


UPDATE – Todd Palin just told Fox News that Palin will be addressing Alaskan as well as national concerns. Chuck Heath, Sarah Palin’s brother, tells Fox news the same.

2 Responses to “ITS ON! Palin announces that she will not seek new term as governor. Guess what comes next!!”

  1. Angelo said

    Palin 2012– I just don’t feel it. If you ask me the damage is already done with all those ‘Don’t blame me…’ stickers. It’s like painting a house: You can paint over the old paint but unless you scrape it off the new paint don’t last. I’m bracing for eight years of Obama, but it ought to be fun to see the claws come out again. Honestly, I don’t think I’d even like to see that. I guess some people still have hope for America. From my perspective that hope is based in [willful] ignorance. May America be condemned by God more than Babylon and Edom.

    [That last line indicates that you have a similar view as Fred Phelps and the Westboro gang. – Editor]

  2. Angelo said

    I don’t even know who those people are, maybe they’re copying me. I’ve been calling America, ‘Babyledom’, since like 2004. It’s truly personal and I rely on God to make things right. I’m trying to set an example for the terrorists. You know, lead by example. Invest in the day of Judgment and don’t be afraid to let America kill you. Even though people like America’s lies, God won’t.

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