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Those who think Palin is leaving politics either aren’t thinking or aren’t listening. – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on July 3, 2009

Editor’s note: These are the comments I left on Patterico’s blog today (7/5)  –

Guys, no one can run any kind of national media or fund raising campaign while stuck in Alaska. No one can start collecting political IOU’s from there also.

Look at how Obama has used TARP and other programs to pick winners and losers of companies who will get our tax dollars and will now cycle some of that money back to his re-election campaign.

Anyone who plans to take Obama on needs to start raising money now. Obama is the wall street corporate/lobbyist owned candidate and lobbying reports from DC is making that pretty clear.

Obama did not hold one hearing for the subcommittee he chaired as a senator, not one. He made a speech to the DNC and used one office to immediately start running for the next. Obama was a do nothing senator.

Palin at least made it clear that she got her legislative agenda passed and instead of just collecting a paycheck and doing nothing she is moving on. – Really some of the comments (seen across the blogosphere) show that some of you just are not thinking.

Governor Palin said today that most of the pundits told her to stay quiet and go with the flow, well my husband and I are commercial fisherman and we know that the only ones who do that are dead fish.

What does she have to do to make it more clear? Perhaps she should have said, “If you want a fight , I’ll give you one?

She also said, “I can now effect change on a different scale”.

John Batchelor, who is considered one of the finest intellects in conservative news radio, has a great piece in the Daily Beast (LINK). Batchelor really gets it and his piece is a must read. Palin is the party nominee, she can step into the void of Republican leadership now and start raising money.

Palin took shots today directly at Obama’s policies and then said that she was “not retreating, we are advancing in a different direction”.

Palin Spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton tells Fox News Sarah Palin is “not running from pressure” and “this is a fighting move”.

It’s on.

In the last election, as the bottom of the ticket she was subject to the mishandling of Steve Schmidt and others on the McCain team. Now we will be able to see how she can perform with Sarah in charge.

Mark Levin comments:

One Response to “Those who think Palin is leaving politics either aren’t thinking or aren’t listening. – UPDATED!”

  1. Angelo said

    I still wouldn’t advocate getting your hopes up for a Palin victory over Obama in 2012. It will only make it all the more pleasurable for the Democrats who are clearly into sadism. People like that rape porn don’t they? The way I figure it, it’ll be like that. With the Republicans bound and looking on while Obama rapes the nation for eight years straight. People all over the world are gonna love it. The misguided hope of an Obama defeat is just gonna make it all the better. Don’t get me wrong, Palin should take the fight and fight it the best she can but, as I’ve said before, her true contribution to America/humanity/equality is not going to be dependent upon a presidential victory in 2012.

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