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Prof. Walter Brasch is a sexist pig. How do pinheads like this get to teach?

Posted by iusbvision on July 7, 2009

Too many loons manage to become professors. Many of these loons do so because they just cannot make it in the real world. They create groups to hand each other awards and tell each other how great they are, but only if you sling hate at the “right” people.

The latest example of truly mindless, sexist, hate is from Prof. Walter Brasch whose very foolish behavior managed to get him mentioned here and likely in my upcoming book.

Now keep in mind that the following remarks are from a professor of journalism at Bloomsburg University. His remarks are about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who cleaned up what used to be one of the most corrupt states in the union:

Walter Brasch

Walter Brasch

You betcha! Half my salary is already taken up on clothes and jewelry so I can be the best darned governor in these here greatest United States of America!

Trust me, babe, we don’t want your wisdom, but that’s how this business works. You want to ride, you have to pay the operator. Now, about punditry.

Sweet cheeks, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! Make the audience salivate when they see you on air, and we’ll get you a regular slot. An hour, maybe more every week night.

Whatever you want, we’ll get. You’re a money machine. So what can we get you? Maybe a full time babysitter for Todd and the kids. They might be lonely without a wife and mother.


Talk about a slap in the face to every working mother in America.  On a side note, who is this turkey to be making comments about a woman’s looks? If Hollywood tried to cast an aging pervert who roams the park and flashes people from under a trench coat could they do better than this clown? In either case hateful, sexist and without a residue of journalistic ethics or professional detachment seem to be required resume material for so many professors today.

Prof. Brasch is a quintessential example of what is wrong with not only journalism, but the failures of public university education.

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