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NPR: Lobbyists acting as fund raisers for Democrats all over the health care reform bill.

Posted by iusbvision on July 9, 2009

Remember folks, Obama promised that this would end if he was elected. Now its worse than ever.

Yip, baught and paid for…….


NPR’s Dollar Politics series looks at the business of crafting legislation, specifically the big three issues now before Congress: health care, climate change and financial regulation.

In this installment, Andrea Seabrook and Peter Overby report on how lawmakers juggle that work with their other big job — raising money to get re-elected.

Lobbyists As Fundraisers

Obama Health Care Promises

Senator Chris Dodd

The fundraiser was a $1,500-a-plate luncheon, hosted by two lobbyists, with proceeds going to support Dodd’s re-election campaign.

The lobbyists hosting the fundraising event work for U.S. Oncology, a major provider of cancer drugs and services. Their business is all wrapped up in the health care proposals.

According to Dodd’s campaign manager, there were other donors in attendance — not just those with a stake in health care policy. But this scenario is a snapshot of something that happens all the time on Capitol Hill.

A member of Congress will routinely spend part of the day legislating — and part of the day raising money. And that money often comes from the industries that will gain or lose from that legislation.

Paying To Play?

Some people call it the way the system works. Others call it bribery — but not the Supreme Court. The high court has said that campaign contributions are not bribes.

Lobbyists don’t think so either, especially because the money usually comes from political action committees — a step removed from corporations themselves.

Nicholas Meyers, who runs the lobbying operation for the American Psychiatric Association, representing 38,000 psychiatrists, says it’s simply the price of admission.

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