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Leftist Sotomayor backers have a new plan: Get the fire fighter

Posted by iusbvision on July 11, 2009

In preparation for the upcoming Senate confirmation debate, supporters of Judge Sonia Sotomayor are stooping to a new low… According to McClatchy Newspapers, they are going after the Connecticut firefighter at the center of one of the nominee’s most controversial rulings – the one recently overturned by the United States Supreme Court in Ricci v. DeStefano.

This is not unusual. It is the M-O of liberals… they’re all for the “little guy” as a political poster-child, but they simply don’t bat an eye at running over him if it’s necessary to accomplish their agenda.

Mr. Ricci, whatever his past may reveal, is a private citizen who had his day in court… but not just any court, he had his day in the United States Supreme Court, and he won. And now liberal special interest groups want to go after HIM – personally – simply because Judge Sotomayor wrote a lousy opinion with her colleagues and now is getting repudiated for its foolishness.


WASHINGTON — Supporters of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor are quietly targeting the Connecticut firefighter who’s at the center of Sotomayor’s most controversial ruling.

On the eve of Sotomayor’s Senate confirmation hearing, her advocates have been urging journalists to scrutinize what one called the “troubled and litigious work history” of firefighter Frank Ricci.

This is opposition research: a constant shadow on Capitol Hill.

“The whole business of getting Supreme Court nominees through the process has become bloodsport,” said Gary Rose, a government and politics professor at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn.

On Friday, citing in an e-mail “Frank Ricci’s troubled and litigious work history,” the liberal advocacy group People for the American Way drew reporters’ attention to Ricci’s past. Other advocates for Sotomayor have discreetly urged journalists to pursue similar story lines.

Specifically, the advocates have zeroed in on an earlier 1995 lawsuit Ricci filed claiming the city of New Haven discriminated against him because he’s dyslexic. The advocates cite other Hartford Courant stories from the same era recounting how Ricci was fired by a fire department in Middletown, Conn., allegedly, Ricci said at the time, because of safety concerns he raised.

The Middletown-area fire department was subsequently fined for safety violations, but the Connecticut Department of Labor dismissed Ricci’s retaliation complaint.

No People for the American Way officials could be reached Friday to speak on the record about the press campaign.

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