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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Glenn Beck: What is health care like in Europe? – UPDATE!:Steven Crowder goes to Canada with hidden cameras to test health service.

Posted by iusbvision on July 18, 2009

UPDATE – Steven Crowder goes to Canada with hidden cameras to test health service – chilling:

Part I:

Part II: If you had food insurance would you care what the food costs at the grocery store?

Hannan: “Nationalized healthcare has made us iller”

This is a brilliant and accurate explanation of the causes of the current crisis and the solutions are hurting us more.

Hannan with heavy sarcasm:

Just what we need to stimulate growth then, eh? More dirigisme, more red tape, more state control, more centralisation. And the markets have risen. Will you never learn, boys?

Recent history in Europe and the US has shown that doing nothing would have been better than what we have done, but smart people came up with ideas such as lowering the corporate income tax, buying up bad mortgage loans to renegotiate them with home owners, forgiving one years worth of student loan payments, forgiving the federal income tax for 9 months etc. These are ideas that would have injected big cash into the economy now. Only 23% of the stimulus was even designed to be spent before the end of 2010. The government spends money for political reasons, whereas citizens and families spend money and pay off debt for economic reasons.

3 Responses to “Glenn Beck: What is health care like in Europe? – UPDATE!:Steven Crowder goes to Canada with hidden cameras to test health service.”

  1. Brittancus said

    It is a shame that some Americans are so gullible, to the outlandish propaganda and lies spat in the newspapers, television and radio about Obama’s health care agenda. They have demonized the British, Canadian and other worthy plans. Hidden under a disguise cover, these radical entities are determined to keep the special interest organizations in absolute power. Comprising of the money-draining profitable insurance companies and their rich stockholders. They don’t want any changes to the broken system of medical care, because it will hurt the status quo. I was born in England, in the county of Sussex and until the inception of the European Union and the European Parliament dictating to Britain. That they must accept millions of foreign workers, the nations medical system was exemplary. I never had to wonder if I would have to file bankruptcy, to pay my medical bills, or listen to the incessant ring of debt collectors on the phone.

    On several occasions I ended up in the cottage hospital and their was never a cost applied to it, never a ream of paperwork. Incidentally, I choose my own doctor where I Lived. The longest I waited for surgery was three months, as it was not an emergency. No doctor, no hospital or specialist asking me for my Social Security number, drivers license or if I was covered by a predatory for-profit insurer. No premiums, no-cops and pre-existing condition clauses. Yes! Didn’t have a private room, but who cares? Today the British Isles is being submerged under a barrage of legal and illegal immigrants, who have never paid into the system, have caused some rationing. Prior to the importation of foreign labor my trips to doctor, to hospital, the eye or a dentist was paid from my taxation. Unless we pass a national health care agenda, Americans will never know what it’s like to breeze through their lives, without worrying about paying for health care? Tell your Senators and Congressman you want an alternative to the–GET RICH– insurance companies, before a Universal health care is killed. 202-224-312 REMEMBER THE INVESTORS AND STOCKHOLDERS DON’T WANT THEIR PIECE OF THE $$$TRILLION$$$ DOLLAR PIE DISTURBED. EVEN SOME POLITICIANS HAVE THEIR DIRTY FINGERS IN THE PIE?

    [Well you have a problem. Canadian and British news outlets and publishes statistics say that what you are telling us just isn’t the case. They tell of people having to pull their own teeth, massive wait lists, higher mortality rates, cancers going untreated, heart stints denied to people because they are over weight and massive cost over runs. Many of the British stats come right from the National Health Service itself. For Canada take a look at the Frasier Institute. In France people are buying private supplemental insurance cause the public service isn’t measuring up.

    …and ALL of these people are either whackoes or getting paid according to you. I have done much of the research and I oppose it and I have not gotten a dime from these people. Heck man, this site carries no advertising at all.

    So with all due respect, who the hell do you think you are kidding? Government could have run Social Security to have made massive money and given people a nice retirement, its going broke. Government could have used market forces in medicare to help keep cots down, now its 65 TRILLION in debt/unfunded future obligations.

    By the way…. you act as if the USA doesnt have a health care system that is burdened by illegal aliens…. think again.

    What we need is a unique American solution that doesnt involve government monopolies, uses market forces and bonuses in a way to incentivise keeping costs down with the backup of a government unbrella policy for catastrophic care. This way there is a safety net for people who really get hammered by something bad and the government is not nickel and dimed and sued to death….which then results in some very cruel rationing such as the women in England who were denied the breast cancer drug they needed to survive because the NHS said it was too expensive….and God forbid you are elderly and need a serious surgery.

    Governmemnts have proven that what they are best at is spending other peoples money until it is almost gone or they are forced to stop.

    Single payer national health systems eventually have the focus on preserving the system/government jobs and not preserving the patient. – Editor]

  2. K. said

    I agree that anecdotal evidence ought not to count for much in the healthcare debate. For every story like Brittanicus’, one can probably find a horror story about the British system. Still, Gallup shows that more British and Canadians are like Brittanicus in their regard for their British and Canadian systems, rather than like the editor in his regard for the American system. 44% of Americans are very dissastisfied with the avalailability of affordable healthcare in their country, compared to only 17% of Canadians and 25% of the British. Meanwhile, only 19% of Americans are somewhat satisfied with the availability of affordable healthcare, compared with 41% of Canadians, and 36% of the British.

    [There is something you are leaving out. While it is true that people want healthcare to be more affordable, recent polls also say that people want healthcare more affordable…NOT a government take over or universal care. People in England and Canada are satisfied with the “cost” of healthcare because they do not see the cost, the well to do are taxed to death and the reality is that England is just going into massive debt so that the people arent really seeing the cost of paying for it.

    I noticed that your poll “from 2003” doesnt say that people are happy with the quality of the care in England. Perhaps people with breast cancer, prostate cancer and teeth that need pulled thould be polled…..

    How about the thousands of senior citizens in France that just die in summer heat with no care?

    This poll shows that support for the Obama plan is tanking…look and this poll is from today, not from 2003.

    By the way, Obama’s own CBO says that the health care bill passed in the House will cause health care costs to rise –

    McDonalds is affordable, but it doesnt make it good food.

    Speaking of food, if we had nationalized food insurance, what would happen to the cost of food… not the PRICE of food…but the cost?- Editor]

  3. iusbvision said

    UPDATE – Steven Crowder goes to Canada with hidden cameras to test health service – chilling:

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