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Crowder: My cousin in Canada lost vision in one eye because of the massive wait lists in Canada

Posted by iusbvision on July 20, 2009

Three years to get a family doctor, one lady needed surgery for a circulatory problem, had to wait so long that she lost both legs, his cousin loses function in one eye because of the wait etc.

Of course, here Crowder goes back to Canada with hidden cameras to see just how bad the waits are.

2 Responses to “Crowder: My cousin in Canada lost vision in one eye because of the massive wait lists in Canada”

  1. anne said

    This is such a load of crap. I live in Toronto Ontario and can get seen by a doctor for FREE at anytime. Any life threating situation is taken care of first. Nobody waits in emerg.with a severed arm hahaha. People come to emerg.with minor cuts and stuff and yes they have to wait 2hrs or so. My boyfriend had a piece of wood in his eye and was seen asap. then referred to a eye doctor who saw him the sameday again FOR FREE. Get the truth…your government does not want to pay for FREE HEALTH CARE. What would all the insurance companys do without your money??

    [The truth is that the head of the Canadian Medical Association says that YOUR health care system is imploding and is not patient centered and we covered it. The truth is that it can take up to five years to get a family doctor assigned to you and that is straight form your own government. The truth is that the wait for surgeries and specialists is long and out of control. We know that because your own newspapers tell us and your own government statistics tell the story. We have published that information on this very site. So perhaps you should extend your world passed the tip of your own nose, or wont your ideology let you do it? – Editor]

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