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The New York Times was excited to try and disqualify McCain over birth issue. – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on July 24, 2009

Elements on the left were all excited about Goldwater, Romney and McCain on this issue.   

So why is Obama and the DNC spending literally over a million dollars in courts to keep from producing a real birth certificate? And before you say it in comments, the “certificate of live birth” that Obama has produced is not a birth certificate. It is a document that is often given to immigrants who have no way of coming up with a certified and original birth certificate.

I would like to know, whats the big deal, produce the document for crying out loud. I am also distressed that judges in some courts are making decisions on this that are totally political by making nonsense rulings like “no American citizen has standing in court on this issue” etc to avoid just ordering that the document be produced. 

Obama very well may be a real citizen and I am inclined to believe he is, but obviously there is something on that document that they don’t want out in the general public. Why spend millions to keep from releasing it? I wasn’t particularly interested in this issue until they started spending huge money on a team of lawyers trying to keep it from being released. What also generated interest is when the Army Major said that he would not deploy to Afghanistan till Obama proved he was constitutionally qualified to be commander in chief and filed a lawsuit. The Army completely caved and told the major that he did not have to deploy and pulled his orders so he would not have standing in court.

Let there be no doubt, the way that Obama’s lawyers, a few bad courts and the media have totally mishandled this situation is what has kept this story a growing one. It is almost as if it is they who are working to keep this story alive.

In the clip below, notice how the guy representing the “Obama” point of view tries to yell over everyone else to keep them from making their points and how he tries to make it about “your nuts if you ask for a birth certificate” with an almost frothing at the mouth zeal instead of just dealing with the issue square on.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post, in a surprise move called for the releasing of Obama’s origibal birth certificate. The state of hawaii says that they have it on file and cant release it because the president himself said no. HuffPo asks, “Why not just release the thing and be done with it?” – LINK

Bernard Goldberg of CBS fame take sthe same reaction that we do, why is it that it is the White House that keeps this story alive?

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