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Pundits Sound off Palin Farewell Speech: Blasts Elite Media that “Makes Things Up”

Posted by iusbvision on July 29, 2009

Pollster Frank Luntz, Palin is going to hammer the elite media :

Media Relations Strategist Andrea Tantaros “Palin accomplished as governor what Obama promised and failed to deliver upon.” :

Limbaugh “Is  there another national leader talking this way?” :

O’Reilly on the elite media’s continuing ridiculous attacks on Palin: …Most successful presidents have been former governors just like Sarah Palin, but unlike most of those governors she accomplished her legislative agenda for reform in Alaska in two and a half years.

Washington Post’s Dan Balz:

She exited office in classic Palin style, with folksy picnics at which she bade farewell to her constituents, and with a running series of Twitter reports as she traversed the vast state. In one posted Saturday en route to Fairbanks, she wrote, “We remember all of AK is big/wild/good life; feel freedom here.”

It may be that, after 11 difficult months in the spotlight, Palin longs to feel some of that freedom she wrote about Saturday. But does she have a second act in her repertoire?

“Palin Year One was the introduction of a persona, and the construction (and destruction) of legend around it,” Tucker Eskew, a senior adviser to the Republican during her 2008 vice presidential bid, wrote in an e-mail Sunday. “I think she believes in an America of limitless possibility, so let’s see. Year Two and beyond will be defined by her capacity for reinvention.

“Substantive second acts in American politics are reserved for those who stake a claim and defend it,” Eskew added. “By resigning, she limits her chances for public office and expands her chances for personal good fortune. Somewhere in between public office and personal standing lies her apparent — but elusive — goal of influence.”

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