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Steven Crowder goes on a “Stimulus Package Road Trip” to see what you and your kids and grandkids just bought…

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

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NBC’s Andrea Mitchell – People with insurance who oppose Obamacare don’t know what’s good for them…

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

This is priceless, and NBC wonders why people do not trust them. Of course with the billions NBC’s owner General Electric is set to make on this health bill it is no surprise. 

Indiana’s own Mike Pence takes Andrea Mitchel to school on Obamacare

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Mayor Bloomberg shows just how dumb he thinks you are…

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

Spare me mayor… most of the states have laws that encourage responsible concealed carry of handguns, including Indiana. Here in Indiana 1 adult in 12 has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Odds are every time you have gone to a busy restaurant, a store, movie theatre, church, etc etc there were one or more concealed firearms in there with you. The only places that have a big problem with illegal guns are places were guns are banned. Criminals prefer unarmed victims.

The vast majority of both Republicans and Democrats oppose gun control, but the elitists in both parties, who go on as if they are our betters, just hate it. Too bad.   

Mayor Bloomberg should stick to making money on Wall Street because he is not much of a mayor.

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Fed Hands out $553 Billion of your money and they don’t know where it went….

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

This video… is priceless and yet frightening.

Ben Bernanke is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve

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Tammy Bruce: “The chick from L.A. who gets it”

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

Reporter – Governor Palin what are your future plans?

Palin – I think it should be obvious by now…

You may be tempted to skip over this video because I did not produce a saucey headline to reel you in.

This video is a MUST see as it contains a great macro analysis of the politics of the last 10 years that is really eye opening.  

The conversation about Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin and the changing mood of the country is very interesting. While Clinton was one scandal after another, one sexual peccadillo after another, and it was embarrassing for the country, the good thing about Bill Clinton was that he was willing to work with Republicans in the Congress to make real progress when other Democrat leaders were not. For most presidents their first term is when the meaningful work or damage gets done. Bill Clinton’s best term legislatively by far was his second term and he did work with Newt Gingrich and John Kasich very well. What is sad is that Welfare Reform, the piece of legislation Gingrich and Clinton got passed, which was the most popular and effective piece of legislation Clinton signed into law, was mostly undone by Obama and the Democrats with the Porkulus Bill. It wasn’t all roses, national security and nuclear proliferation had more problems under Clinton (save maybe Carter) than any other president in memory.

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SICK: Obama Science Czar said that new born babies aren’t human yet (therefore it is ok to KILL them)

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

His name is John Holdren and it is jokers like this who motivated the late William F. Buckley to state that he would rather be governed by the first 400 names in the phone book than by the faculty at Harvard.

Via CNS News:

President Obama’s top science adviser said in a book he co-authored in 1973 that a newborn child “will ultimately develop into a human being” if he or she is properly fed and socialized.

“The fetus, given the opportunity to develop properly before birth, and given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being,” John P. Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, wrote in “Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions.”

Holdren co-authored the book with Stanford professors Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich. The book was published by W.H. Freeman and Company.

At the time “Human Ecology” was published, Holdren was a senior research fellow at the California Institute of Technology. Paul Ehrlich, currently president of The Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford, is also author of the 1968 bestseller, “The Population Bomb,” a book The Washington Post said “launched the popular movement for zero population growth.”

“Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions” argued that the human race faced dire consequences unless human population growth was stopped.

“Human values and institutions have set mankind on a collision course with the laws of nature,” wrote the Ehrlichs and Holdren. “Human beings cling jealously to their prerogative to reproduce as they please—and they please to make each new generation larger than the last—yet endless multiplication on a finite planet is impossible. Most humans aspire to greater material prosperity, but the number of people that can be supported on Earth if everyone is rich is even smaller than if everyone is poor.”

The specific passage expressing the authors’ view that a baby “will ultimately develop into a human being” is on page 235 in chapter 8 of the book, which is titled “Population Limitation.”

At the time the book was written, the Supreme Court had not yet issued its Roe v. Wade decision, and the passage in question was part of a subsection of the “Population Limitation” chapter that argued for legalized abortion.

Here is where it gets really sick. Holden advocates involuntary means of sterilization or infertility to force people to stop reproducing.

“The third approach to population control is that of involuntary fertility control,” write the Ehrlich and Holdren. “Several coercive proposals deserve discussion mainly because societies may ultimately have to resort to them unless current trends in birth rates are rapidly reversed by other means.”

Holdren and Paul Erlich conceived all sorts of doomsday scenarios about what would happen if people did not stop reproducing by certain time estimates. The estimates came and went but the doomsday scenarios never materialized.

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HYPOCRITE: Obama says in 2004 interview that legislation should not be rammed through..

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

Obama took three months to decide on what dog to bring into the White House. These bills have been crammed through in days, with 300 page amendments inserted at 3AM the morning of the vote. The only reason this dreadful piece of health care legislation was stopped is because a group of eight conservative Democrats put the bill on hold.

[Editor’s Note: Obama was also wrong about the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was up for a vote several times before 9/11 and rejected so most people in Congress were familiar with it, or at least had severel chances over an extended period of time to get familiar with it. It was rammed through after 9/11 but it wasn’t as if the members had no idea what was in the bill.]

Remember this ???….

Amazing, the truth is that bills have been written and negotiated in secret, the lobbyists and special interests are writing the bills and inserting their own loopholes like the bonuses for AIG and Fannie Mae using your tax dollars.

The five days rule  was violated starting with HR1 – that’s right the very first bill Obama and the Democrats wanted.

See our Corporatism link for more details and you Can also use the search tool and type in “transparency” for even more.


UPDATE: Here is a more complete clip with NBC’s Chuck Todd talking about how Obama’s Chief of staff wanted multiple bills rammed through so people could not find out what is in them and thus drum up opposition. Chuck Todd comes towards the end of the clip.

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CBO Gives New House ObamaCare Analysis

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

The Congressional Budget Office after the attempt intimidate them into rose coloring the Health Legislation Bill, came out with a new analysis and it is not pretty.

(Hat Tip

There is the report. Ed Morrissey pulls out two direct quotes that are pretty indicative:

The net cost of the coverage provisions would be growing at a rate of more than 8 percent per year in nominal terms between 2017 and 2019; we would anticipate a similar trend in the subsequent decade. The reductions in direct spending would also be larger in the second decade than in the first, and they would represent an increasing share of spending on Medicare over that period; however, they would be much smaller at the end of the 10-year budget window than the cost of the coverage provisions, so they would not be likely to keep pace in dollar terms with the rising cost of the coverage expansion. Revenue from the surcharge on high-income individuals would be growing at about 5 percent per year in nominal terms between 2017 and 2019; that component would continue to grow at a slower rate than the cost of the coverage expansion in the following decade. In sum, relative to current law, the proposal would probably generate substantial increases in federal budget deficits during the decade beyond the current 10-year-budget window.

The 239 billion dollar estimate of new deficits in the first decade is the GOOD news…

As long as overall spending for health care continued to expand as a share of the economy, people’s share of insurance costs would continue to rise faster than their income, or the government’s subsidy costs would continue to rise faster than the tax base, or both. The proposal limits the share of income that eligible people would have to pay when they purchased coverage in the insurance exchanges, and that share of income would not change over time. In addition, insurance plans offered through the exchanges would be required to pay a specified share of costs for covered services (on average), and that share also would not change over time. Combining those provisions, increases in health care spending in excess of the rate of growth in income would be borne entirely by the federal government in the form of higher subsidy payments—because those payments would have to cover the entire difference between the total premium for insurance coverage and the capped amount that enrollees would pay.

Keep in mind that while this is the Democrats own appointed CBO, if it is the usual faire when it coems to the CBO the defuicits will likely be up to 1/3rd worse.

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Washington Examiner: We Read the Bill – What Will Happen to Your Health Insurance Coverage?

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

A MUST read from the Washington Examiner. A great explanation of what will happen to your insurance coverage if these bills in Congress become law.


Most insured Americans get their health coverage through an employer. But a minority of about 6 to 8 percent — mostly the self-employed, students, and others who lack a generous employee benefits package — carry individual policies.

Individual plans tend to cost more. Although they lack the tax deductability of the group market, they do have the advantage of portability. Affordable, high-deductible plans can usually be found and paired with Health Savings Accounts, for some tax advantages, and the self-employed often have no other choice.

So what happens to people with individual policies after ObamaCare begins? It depends.

In the Senate Democrats’ bill, individual policyholders can keep their coverage, but they will be penalized under the individual mandate as though they did not have any coverage at all. That would be the death-knell of individual policies, says the Heritage Foundation’s Ed Haislmaier. Insurers, he says, “could exit the market entirely.” (The Senate bill is similarly merciless when it comes to employer-based plans that don’t conform with the rules for the planned government-run exchanges. In other words, the Senate bill, unless changed, will force your employer to change your coverage — maybe just a little bit, but perhaps dramatically.)

House Democrats’ bill, on the other hand, would grandfather individual policy-holders. They could keep their coverage and even add dependents over time. But no new individual policies could be sold as of the first year ObamaCare begins.

Under the best-case scenario, grandfathered individual policies would continue to exist until all of their holders die. But in all likelihood, economic and regulatory forces would conspire against them. The worst case would be a collapse of private insurers, but it doesn’t have to get that bad for individual policies to disappear. For example, if enough individual policy-holders are lured away by the subsidies that will be available for policies in the government-run insurance exchanges, insurers might find that they don’t have a viable risk-pool in the dwindling individual market anymore. They could drop out of the individual market, and they will feel more pressure to do so as patients age.

The bottom line: Under ObamaCare, your individual insurance policy is probably doomed, even if it is grandfathered. You might be eligible for a subsidized exchange plan, but if your income is too high, you will have to pay premiums that are inflated by other people’s subsidies.

For a good example of how the world can go wrong without a viable private individual market for health insurance, look to Maine. will not sell policies to anyone with a Maine zip code because individual insurers left the state years ago. They were mostly driven away by unreasonable state coverage mandates (marriage counseling must be covered by all policies, for example) and the requirement that every applicant be approved, no matter how sick they already are.

The only individual health insurer in Maine today is the one that runs Dirigo Choice, the state’s unique “public option” plan. Dirigo’s employer-based small business and self-employed plans closed enrollment in 2007 because the program has proven fiscally unsustainable. Its individual policy has become unaffordable — premiums have nearly doubled to $1,489 per month for a family plan.

As a result, coverage is nearly impossible to obtain for those who are self-employed and have too much income for Medicaid — in Maine, that’s about $45,000 for a family of four (which partly explains why 23 percent of the state is on Medicaid). Only the employer-based group plans have survived, because they are covered under federal benefit laws that pre-empt Maine’s laws.

Dirigo Choice executives compare their program to what Congress is attempting with its public option proposal. To be fair, the House and Senate versions of ObamaCare differ from Maine’s approach in several ways. Yet both plans are similar in that no one can figure out yet how to make them fiscally sustainable. The great danger is that, with new coverage mandates and rules requiring approval of all applicants, the insurance exchange plans that President Obama envisions could begin to look like Maine, with reduced benefits and skyrocketing premiums. If that happens, the self-employed could be without any reasonable options.

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Democrat Conyers Sees No Point in Members Reading 1,000-Page Health Care Bill

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

Not only do the members not read them, they don’t write them; lobbyists, activist groups, unions, and those industries who give money back to the party do.

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