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HYPOCRITE: Obama says in 2004 interview that legislation should not be rammed through..

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2009

Obama took three months to decide on what dog to bring into the White House. These bills have been crammed through in days, with 300 page amendments inserted at 3AM the morning of the vote. The only reason this dreadful piece of health care legislation was stopped is because a group of eight conservative Democrats put the bill on hold.

[Editor’s Note: Obama was also wrong about the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was up for a vote several times before 9/11 and rejected so most people in Congress were familiar with it, or at least had severel chances over an extended period of time to get familiar with it. It was rammed through after 9/11 but it wasn’t as if the members had no idea what was in the bill.]

Remember this ???….

Amazing, the truth is that bills have been written and negotiated in secret, the lobbyists and special interests are writing the bills and inserting their own loopholes like the bonuses for AIG and Fannie Mae using your tax dollars.

The five days rule  was violated starting with HR1 – that’s right the very first bill Obama and the Democrats wanted.

See our Corporatism link for more details and you Can also use the search tool and type in “transparency” for even more.


UPDATE: Here is a more complete clip with NBC’s Chuck Todd talking about how Obama’s Chief of staff wanted multiple bills rammed through so people could not find out what is in them and thus drum up opposition. Chuck Todd comes towards the end of the clip.

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