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Michelle Malkin tears em’ up on The View!

Posted by iusbvision on August 4, 2009

Michelle Malkin in action:


Malkin says:

You know you’ve won the argument when the ladies of the View are reduced to arguing how corrupt Team Obama is, and not whether.

Go Michelle!

UPDATE: Malkin shuts down Matt Lauer and leaves him speechless:

Check out the look on Lauer’s head :-)  Priceless!

5 Responses to “Michelle Malkin tears em’ up on The View!”

  1. johnrj08 said

    A disgusting, anti-American, bigoted right-wing self-anointed pundit who has nothing constructive to say about anything. Attack, attack, attack. That is the point that the conservative movement has come to in this country. You can tell from this video that this woman hates the president. Hates him. Shameful. Even insults the President’s wife. Hates her, too. “Hardball politics”? This woman needs to look in the mirror.

    Why in the hell did NBC give this woman a platform to spew her utter crap?

    [If you had the ability to even try to take Malkin on when it comes to the facts and arguments that she presents I suspect you would try, but you cant. This is why you call her names.

    Insults the president’s wife?? You mean how Malkin documented with verifiable evidence how Michelle Obama used her husbands political connections to make herself wealthy, Chicago style.

    The Obama’s are typical Chicago style politicians rife with cronyism and corruption as we, Malkin and others have documented with verifiable evidence. What makes them different is that they look good on TV and have the media more on their side.

    Your problem is that your behavior here demonstrates that you hate facts, or messenger that presents facts, that you find inconvenient and are not emotionally equipped to deal with. You may have an anger management problem and difficulty perceiving reality. I hope that you can get some professional help before you snap.

    Since you live in Florence I am confident that there is no shortage of help in your vicinity – Editor]

  2. johnrj08 said

    Dear “Editor”– Your response contains not one shred of proof of anything other than Malkin’s assertions. Making assertions and accusations with zero cooberating evident is not presenting facts. Malkin has lied through her teeth about health care reform and anything else the administration has tried to achieve. She is not just an agent of NO CHANGE. She is an agent of destructive, estreme partisanship. She talks about rationing health care to seniors, death panels, and socialization of medicine when none of those things are in either of the bills currently being considered in Congress. Eight years ago, Malkin demanded that the truth come out about the 9/11 attacks, backing various conspiracy theories, and is now saying quite the opposite. Malkin’s recent appearance with Matt Lauer was an example of a strident, intensely ambitious personality who was willing to say anything to draw attention to herself. She contributes NOTHING positive to the political dialogue in this country and would have us at each other’s throats if it could get her face on TV. The idea that it is relevant or useful to go after the president’s wife, based on information that MIGHT have been gathered in the incredibly polarized political atmosphere of Chicago is beyond preposterous. By the way, the “look” on Lauer’s face was disbelief and shock that he had this person sitting in front of him had the utter gall to spout such blatant lies. If you want to worship the likes of Michelle Malkin, knock yourself out. Fortunately, the majority of the country turned its back on that kind of behavior in the last election.

    [Planet Earth to John.

    Point 1 – First off it is spelled “evidence”.

    Point 2 – We have a category called “corporatism” just click that link for a long series of fully sourced articles. You can also check the link called “mortgage crisis”.

    Point 3 – Malkin has a number one best selling book that is packed with sourced evidence that you can check and verify for yourself.

    When you say that this is all assertions not backed with any evidence as you have here all that you accomplish is to get readers shake their heads and wonder what planet you are from.

    We have no doubt that you are incapable of making any serious attempt at refuting our evidence or Malkin’s.

    Thanks for coming back and reminding us once more just how silly and emotional the far left is.

    But there is always hope.

    Prove us wrong and start with refuting the evidence in Malkin’s book one by one. Personally I don’t believe that you have the strength of character to step out of your comfort zone to read it much less genuinely take it on with information others can verify.

    By the way, normal people read your quote about Malkin not being “positive” and then see you post garbage like:

    A disgusting, anti-American, bigoted right-wing self-anointed pundit who has nothing constructive to say about anything. Attack, attack, attack.

    Apparently having NBCCBSABCPBSNPRNewYorkTimesWashingtonPostAPNewsweekGannetReuters in the tank for Obama isn’t enough for you and you will not be happy till any and all dissent is silenced by you calling them names…

    Truly you may be the only person on Earth who doesn’t see your outrageous and over the top hypocrisy.

    – Editor]

  3. johnrj08 said

    A “botched failure”? What is that? A “racial opportunist” and “racial authenticity”? Obama has to prove that he’s black? To whom? This woman sounds like a raging racist to me. Michelle Obama was a Daley appointee therefore she is a racial opportunist and Daley crony, and they’re all ruining our economy? This idiot is filled with so much hot air that she must’ve been tethered to her seat. She made one outrageous, unsupported accusation after another in that interview and I’m sure Matt Lauer was ashamed that the network gave her air time by the time it was over.

    [It seems that you forgot that it was several far left black pundits and the LA Times that said Obama wasn’t “black enough” during the early primary.

    Or you could just merely ask her how she supports what she says, I mean she only kicks out one best selling book after another that is fully footnoted so you can see for yourself. She only publishes a weekly column and posts articles daily on her web site filled with sources you can verify and she has a full staff that also writes articles and sources them every single day on her staff’s web site….once again filled with stuff that you can verify.

    So are you in denial or just too lazy to do the homework? – Editor]

  4. johnrj08 said

    Here is just one example of Michelle Malkin’s routine reliance on half-truths and outright lies in “Culture of Corruption”.

    In her book, Malkin states categorically that Michelle Obama “was literally born into the Chicago political corruptocracy,” suggesting that because her father was a volunteer precinct captain and held a city job, she had to be a party to cronyism and embraced the practice to get ahead. In fact, the biography of Michelle Obama that Malkin herself cites in making this dubious case argued the exact opposite– that the first lady’s experience in the “powerful political machine” of Richard J. Daley made her and her family “extremely cynical about politics and politicians” until they met Barack Obama. Obama’s political career was pushed in part by a coalition of people who had grown up in opposition to Daley and whose goal was breaking the Machine, but you’ll never read that in a book written by Michelle Malkin.

    The fact is that Michelle Obama’s father, Frank Robinson, worked as a “Precinct Captain” because he no other choice. The majority of people serving as precinct captains did so because their paying jobs depended on it. Robinson, whom Malkin fails to mention suffered with MS, had a family to raise and he did what the political machine demanded. Malkin’s hatchet job conveniently ignores the fact that doing “volunteer” work in Chicago was, in fact, the only way you could get and keep a city job. Anybody who knows anything about the Daley era in Chicago knows this.

    Michelle Malkin’s personal attacks on Michelle Obama are just one example of the kind of innuendo and guilt-by-association tactics that we haven’t seen since the McCarthy era. Every other aspect of this book deals with the subject matter in the same dishonest manner. The only reason any person would spend their time reading this book would be to have their own bigoted, misinformed point of view confirmed. The fact that she sells a lot of book only proves how deficient our educational system, and that there are so many people who absolutely hate the idea of a black man in the White House.

    [Obama…. in opposition to the Daley Machine??? Which is why the Daley Machine helped Obama use dirty tricks and lawyers to have his opponents in all the state elections thrown off the ballot… Your unsourced assertions are laughable. Oh yeah he really broke up that Daley machine didn’t he. Obama also was co-chair of the Blago re-election campaign. Here is a nice picture for you. – editor]

  5. waltersego said

    You know, I am sick of you liberals attacking such a wonderful lady. She has exposed people for what they are. She has made the case for looking at the critical problem of jihadist Muslims, championed the Iraq soldiers and investigated the corruption of this new president. Those that have written here as well as others, including Joan Walsh and others, digging into her past and pulling a race card on her. Including people on the wordpress like this fellow he is a racebeiter that has sladered Michelle Malkin without evidence but with gossip from other so-called journalists. I think you liberals should just chill out, stop messing with people that you can never hold a candle to. –Walter

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