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Senator Brownback on Death Panels

Posted by iusbvision on August 14, 2009

Anyone who tells you that these things don’t amounting to death panels either didn’t do the homework, is in denial or is just BS’ing you.

See more on death panels and other health care bill info using our health law category.

Senator Brownback writing in National Review Magazine:

Don’t Punish Seniors for Health-Care Reform

Denying care options to retirees is necessarily a part of the Democrats plan.

By Sam Brownback

In addition to being fiscally unsustainable, the health-care-reform plan emerging from Democrats in Congress raises disturbing questions for our nation’s seniors. If President Obama pushes through proposed “reforms,” seniors could very well face rationed care as the result of a raid on the coffers of a Medicare program that’s already nearly bankrupt.

One particular provision in the Democratic bill has seniors worried, and rightly so. A new “Center for Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation” could ration access to medicines and treatments based on the government’s assessment of the value of a human life and the “cost-effectiveness” of treatment.

This became abundantly clear when Senator Mike Enzi (R., Wyo.) introduced an amendment designed to ensure that the new center could not put a value on life-saving treatment by using “quality of life” and “cost-effectiveness” measures “for the denial of Medicare benefits to patients against their wishes.” Because Democrats rejected the amendment in a party-line vote, the proposed new entity would be able to impose restrictions on access to treatment, as is common in European countries with socialized medicine. Elderly, disabled, and medically dependent patients would be at greatest risk of being denied necessary care.

One reason for the rationing of care is to use “savings” from Medicare to pay for a radical, risky, and enormously expensive proposal for government-run health care. Except that it doesn’t: These short-term “savings” are a drop in the bucket compared to the massive expenditures required by the bill.

When I examined the comments at the Politico Arena and other pundits it became clear what pundits did the homework and who did not (most didn’t). When you examine the end of life counselling, with the comments of three presidential advisors Sunstien, Holdren and Emanuel & their radical ideas when it comes to who is worth of care and who is not, population control and cost/benefit analysis,  combined with the fact that they want to add 30 million uninsured and 80 million who’s employers would drop their care for the “public option”, and claim that the trillion dollar bureaucracy will still save money in spite of all this, and then combine it with a “health points” incentive that disincentives treatment for the very young and old… well death panels are the logical extension of what it adds up to. Half the money is spent at end of life so if they want to save with such a system that is where the money is.

Palin’s “death panels” comments (LINK1LINK2) were backed up with facts that you don’t see the pundits even attempting to refute point by point. Those who say otherwise either didn’t do the homework or are BS’ing us.

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