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Democrat Wants to Ban All Private Health Insurance

Posted by iusbvision on August 19, 2009

This is Congressman Anthony Wiener and he is a good Democrat to watch because he makes the most outrageous policy positions sound so good and so reasonable, but when the surface of his rhetoric is examined you realize that it all falls apart.  This is a great lesson on how a genuine anti-capitalist can make the most destructive policies seem so seductive.

While you watch Joe Scarborough interview this guy keep a few things in mind.

Medicare has a 4% overhead Wiener says, but since there is no incentive to keep it lean to make a profit their bureaucratic overhead costs are much higher than that of an insurance company. And since the government regulations have taken most of the market forces out of the system the costs rise at twice the rate of inflation. When a government has a monopoly, costs go up which means debt and rationing will go up.

Wiener says that the profits that insurance companies make means fewer health care dollars for you. It is just this simple, even with making a profit, the cost of private health insurance bureaucracy is cheaper than a government bureaucracy.

Joe Scarborough correctly asks (but blows the follow up). So should we only have Social Security and not private pension plans??

Great question Joe, Democrats are already saying that Social Security may default in two years (LINK). FDR intended Social Security to be a government program for only a few years and then wanted to roll it over into something like private annuity plans for every citizen. FDR never got his wish. Instead of investing that money and pre-funding our retirements the money was used for political reasons and now its broke when it didn’t have to be.  The simple truth is that even with the few crashes we have had since the founding, there has never been a 25 year period even on a market as volatile as the stock market where if you invested your money in a diversified way that money would not have grown nicely for you. That includes the time of the great depression.

The private sector was able to grow costumers wealth and make a profit at the same time. Should we ban the IRA or the annuity or the trust fund and just have Social Security because “every dollar in profit the investors made was another dollar you didn’t get”? …Of course not and if you made such a comparison you would be laughed out of the room.

Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees

That report tells just what bad shape Medicare and Social Security are in.

A poster at put it this way:

Wiener: I’ve asked you three times. What is their value? What are they bringing to the deal?

Whatever value they have lost is due to government intrusions into their business that you have always supported. You have created the very inefficiencies you now blame the insurance companies for. I know you don’t get that because you’re an economic ignoramus, but that’s the reality.

Wiener: Time out. Let’s focus on one thing at a time. This isn’t a commodity, Joe. Health care isn’t a commodity.

Yes it is and just because you say it isn’t does it make it so. I’d like to think that the LAWS of Gravity wouldn’t apply if I fell out of a window. It’s just as stupid to think that the LAWS of Supply and Demand don’t apply to health care.

Wiener: Correct. I want Medicare for all Americans.

Great. We’ve run out of beer and you want to invite more people to the party so we can drink their beer. That’s going to make for one hell of a brawl when all the beer runs out.

Well said.

Another poster at makes another important point for doctors and the elderly:

Congressman Weenie and Joe, as usual, missed the point entirely. The problem is not what the insurance companies offer: but that they don’t and can’t offer the one thing thing inherent in every governmental action – the threat of coercive force.

Remember the federal health care police with GUNS in the HillaryCare plan?

By all accounts, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) should have made a killing while serving the public. Instead they were ran and abused for the purpose of making Democrat appointees rich and we have seen the result.

Private companies are made to deliver by force of contract law, the government can do what ever it wants. Where would you put your money?

End game; do you want the government to do for health care what they have done for social security.

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Antisemitism: Swedish Paper Accuses Israel of Harvesting Palestinian Organs

Posted by iusbvision on August 19, 2009


JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel and the Swedish Embassy responded furiously Wednesday to a Swedish newspaper article that suggested Israeli troops killed Palestinians and harvested their organs.

The article published Monday in Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest circulation daily, implies a link between those charges and the recent arrest in the U.S. of an American Jew for illicit organ trafficking. Later the reporter told Israel Radio he did not know if the allegations were true

Headlined “Our sons are plundered for their organs,” the story made news in Israel, where some commentators compared it to medieval libels that Jews killed Christian children for their blood. Daniel Seaman, who heads Israel’s government press office, said the article played on “vile anti-Semitic themes.”

The article was illustrated with a photograph of a dead Palestinian man with a line of surgical stitches running the length of his torso, apparently taken after an autopsy, as well as pictures of stone-throwing youths and Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, a New York resident arrested in an FBI sting last month and charged with plotting to buy a kidney from an Israeli and sell it to an American patient for $160,000.

The writer, Donald Bostrom, based the story on accounts from Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza whom he identified only by their first names. It quotes an Israeli military spokesman denying the charges and saying that Palestinians killed by Israeli forces are routinely subjected to autopsies.

Interviewed on Israel Radio on Wednesday, Bostrom said he was worried by the allegations he reported but could not vouch for their accuracy.

“It concerns me, to the extent that I want it to be investigated, that’s true. But whether it’s true or not—I have no idea, I have no clue,” he told the station.

Aftonbladet Editor Jan Helin said, “The article poses a question—why has this body been autopsied when the cause of death is obvious? There I think Israeli authorities owe us an answer.”

Israeli legal expert Moshe Negbi said that according to Israeli law, “Autopsies are immediately performed after every unnatural death, and this is true for most other countries as well.”

The reporter admits that he doesn’t know that the story is true and the editor still ran with it with a photo. Most western countries, including the United States, perform an autopsy when ever the cause of death isn’t natural causes.

This is not all that unusual for Europe. The antisemitism is Europe is off the chart, especially among the political left.

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